Fabulous Furnishings: The Fantastic Chaise

To me, a chaise longue is just one of those unforgettable parts of furniture at a house. Unlike more formal seats, it educates you and your guests to sit and relax. A chaise has a unique style and can become the focus of any room. I had a sectional with a chaise on one conclusion. I separated the chaise and put it at an angle. It was amazing just how much more striking the room seemed, and the chaise became the favorite seat in the room. If you are thinking about incorporating a chaise to your house, maybe one of these pictures will inspire you.

In case you’ve got a seat or two at a end of a sofa, balance them with a chaise on the other side. Additionally, it can be a wonderful place to have a rest while doubling as seats for multiple people when entertaining.

Niche Interiors

The combination of seat, couch and chaise generates a fascinating and flexible furniture combination.

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti

In a very narrow room with a fireplace at the middle, re-imagine your furniture placement. Instead of creating one conversation area right around the fireplace, then make two separate conversation areas that can both appreciate a view of the warm flames. Utilize a backless chaise to specify the separation without blocking the view.

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Place a bookcase supporting a chaise to make a reading nook at an office or a basement. It is amazing how pairing a chaise with a backdrop of books and including a warm pillow or two can turn an empty corner into an inviting, vintage-inspired vignette.


Let your chaise be the star of this room by centering it in the center of an open-floor layout. Start looking for a chaise with character, such as this tufted one with detailed legs.

Emily Ruddo

It is also possible to go with a streamlined chaise that has contrasting piping (or welting). Since this one is backless, it is possible to sit on both sides, depending on where the dialogue is happening. In another space, the same chaise could be put against the wall. This creates a backless chaise a fantastic investment piece.

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Create a focal corner in a huge room by placing a spoonful using its back against the wall in one of the corners, then including a shelf or big piece of art above to anchor it. Finish the corner with the addition of extra accessories or furniture at an L- or U-shaped arrangement. You will have two seats areas in 1 room.

Dana Wolter

I love this nontraditional way of chairs using chaises side by side. This is definitely a memorable room, and I bet it is so cozy in person. I can imagine relaxing in 1 chaise with a cup of java and saying,”Honey, will you hand me the Home section of this paper, please?”

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In a living room, look at placing two chaises in order that they face one another. You’re able to lie down to read a magazine when you’re alone, but still feel comfortable inviting firm to sit down because the spine provides the conventional support of a couch.

Do you have a chaise that you would like to turn into a focus? Reupholster it at a punchier color or print similar to this fabric by Thomas Paul.

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If, instead, you like dressing your upholstered pieces with different cushions and throws every season (or every time you feel as though you need a new color palette), go for a neutral chaise. Then you’re able to control how you style it.

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Naturally, for a defined modern look, add a Barcelona Daybed to your space. Check out Becky Harris’ Modern Icons: The Barcelona Couch idea book on this classic piece.

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