Studio Tour: Spaciousness Serves an East Coast Artist

A drastically different layout from the present house, this daring stuccoed addition hosts an expansive artist’s studio. Jessica Stockholder and Patrick Chamberlain, both performers, wanted to build a massive studio in which Stockholder could work. Architect Joseph Bergin worked with the couple to design a thoughtful 1,000-square-foot studio in which Stockholder can create her one of a kind sculptures.

Though the inclusion appears quite distinct from the present house, Stockholder and Chamberlain knew what they wanted from the get-go. “After perhaps two minutes into our first meeting, they said, ‘We want stucco cubes,'” says Bergin.

Who creates here: Jessica Stockholder
Location: New Haven, Connecticut
Size: 1,600 square feet, including garage

Joseph Bergin Architect PC

Bergin and his team demolished an present garage connected to the house to make space for the studio. The studio has an additional 600-square-foot section for cars.

Joseph Bergin Architect PC

This connecting space between the studio and the house was a key part of the improvement’s design and functions as a mudroom. It blends the two buildings’ styles, combining traditional architecture with the stucco exterior of all the studio.

Joseph Bergin Architect PC

Stockholder frequently creates her work in relation to wall and space, so she needs a lot of blank wall area. The walls inside her studio range from 12 to 16 feet high.

Joseph Bergin Architect PC

Bergin installed clerestory windows over a number of walls to let in light without taking up valuable wall space.

Joseph Bergin Architect PC

“I really like to sit in the middle of the studio, beneath the mosaic ceiling and with sight lines to all the artwork,” says Bergin. “There’s a brightness and a solemnness in that area that resonates with me after I have left, almost like a religious space.”

Joseph Bergin Architect PC

An extra window on the back of the studio overlooks the garden.

Before Photo

Joseph Bergin Architect PC

The inside space between the home and the studio takes up 250 square feet and includes dining room space.

Joseph Bergin Architect PC

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