Hello Again, Umbrella House

In the early 1950s, land programmer Philip Hiss teamed up with architect Paul Rudolph to create one of the 20th century’s most iconic houses, the Umbrella House at Sarasota, Fla.. The house in the community of Lido Shores is a good instance of how modernism can be implemented at a suburban, Florida Gulf Coast context. This home and many others neighboring became called the Sarasota School of Modernism.

Constructed as a”spec” house, the Umbrella House steps about 2,000 square feet and can be developed on a 32-inch module, the width of a normal Sears jalousie window. The dominant characteristic of the house, the aptly called”umbrella,” was originally constructed of wood and used to shade the house from the intense Florida sunlight. After years of decay and hurricane damage, the”umbrella” was all but gone from the end of the 1970s.

New owners Vincent and Julie Ciulla of all Ciulla Design have revived much of the umbrella, now constructing it of aluminum. The Ciullas say the umbrella displays the house so well their cooling bills are reduced by 30 per cent, a nod to Rudolph’s forward-looking and sustainable design.

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Ciulla Design

The south of the house is glass. The original umbrella extended out to surround and shade the pool space. The Ciullas intend to reestablish the umbrella as it had been, having already placed footings for the new columns.

The spatial organization of the house can also be viewed here. A large, two-story centre space is flanked with two piled bedrooms on the left and a kitchen with bedroom over on the right. The 32-inch module of this off-the-shelf jalousie windows is also evident.

Ciulla Design

The umbrella overlooks the north side of the house, facing the road. This view clearly shows the vertical columns of jalousie windows and institution of this 32-inch module used to plan your house. Translucent at the bottom floor for privacy, these jalousies permit for a substantial amount of cross ventilation.

What I particularly love about the umbrella is that the way the shadows from it fall across the surface of the house. The pattern is similar to the darkened portions of so a lot of Rudolph’s drawings.

Ciulla Design

The restored umbrella floats over the house. Though Rudolph would later became one of the prime practitioners of Brutalism, his Sarasota houses have a mild and nearly impermanent quality, as if the whole thing may be rapidly disassembled and moved.

Ciulla Design

The columns which support the umbrella are all articulated and independent of the house structure. It is as if a sizable open tent was constructed and a box positioned under it.

Ciulla Design

The house features a”dumbbell” plan with a two-story space along the rear flanked by piled bedrooms on one side and a kitchen with second-floor bedroom on the opposite. The bridge which connects the two upstairs bedrooms is a loft area and can be a few steps lower compared to the bedroom degree. This creates a very low ceiling at the entry area that’s quite Wrightian in feel. The dialogue pit with fireplace and hearth is below this attic. It is as if one has to input a cave to get close to the fire.

Every bedroom overlooks the main living space. These windows can be closed off for privacy. The bedrooms also contain built in wardrobes that jut out to the main living room to make shelves for artwork and a television.

Following is a photo of this home since it had been under construction. Though nobody knows for sure, It is considered that Paul Rudolph took the photo, which can be from the south-southwest and reveals the full umbrella as originally imagined. Lido Shores is a really different place today with a lot more vegetation, houses and traffic.

The original view from the rear of the house was around Sarasota Bay. Subsequent development and a great deal of new vegetation produces this view available just in the history books.

This is a view taken in the west shortly after the house was completed.

Following is a vintage picture of the original, Rudolph-designed fence which surrounded the house. The Ciullas are restoring this weapon as part of the total restoration of the house.

Read more about the Home and restoration on the Umbrella House website and Facebook page.

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Guest Picks: Autumn Colors

Where I live in Canada, the month of October is full of rich color as the leaves change to lively crimsons, burnt oranges and deep golds. It’s not only beautiful, but also inspiring also. Here are a couple suggestions for introducing these lovely natural colors in your home decor. — Lori from automatism


Natural Wood Pen Pencil Holder Desk Organizer JACOB by More & less – $59

The minimal Jacob Pen and Pencil Holder brings the warmth of pure oak for your office while maintaining your work area organized. It might also be used to display quite nature finds, like vibrant foliage and leaves from autumn walks.

Ferm Living Shop

Fairy Flower (Gold) from Ferm Living – $110

The delicate nature-inspired theme and colours of the Fairy Flower Wallpaper from Ferm Living remind me of seed pods accumulated during autumn and arranged to create pretty tabletop displays.


Retro Round Oval Circles and Swirls by Art is Everything – $19

This collection of four melamine printed coasters at a funky retro layout would definitely add style to after-dinner coffee or tea from the fire — so cheerful and enjoyable.

Scandinavian Design Center

Salix Jar – $51.97

Kitchen never looked better than this stylish Salix ceramic jar with a cork lid, made by Swedish artist Stig Lindberg at 1954. I’d be tempted to exhibit it in the living room or bedroom also — it’d be great for keeping jewelry and other odds and ends.


Gianni Rug – $499

Produced from hand-knotted New Zealand wool, the Italian-designed Gianni rug not only feels comfortable underfoot, but also lends its rich color to the traditional and contemporary interiors with its classic stripe design.

Dutch by Design

Buffer Lamp – GBP 185

The clever Buffer Lamp by designer Wieki Somers looks noncommittal at first glance. However inside its delicate porcelain shell a gold-colored end gives the appearing light a warm, rich glow that makes even the chilliest room cozy and inviting.

West Elm

Dipped Side Table – $129

I love the cheerfulness of the Dipped Side Table from West Elm. It’s great for adding a happy dash of color to any room. The contrast of the red against the natural timber is very nice; it is just so happy.


Red Fig & Rosewood Soy Candle – $44

This is such an inspired idea: The lovely Red Fig & Rosewood Soy Candle comes at a hand-glazed, hand-crafted porcelain dish that can be reused when the candle has melted away. And it is a surprise, as the inside is glazed in a lovely deep orange. I love this candle. Other scents and colours are also offered.

Judy Ross

Fauna Pillow by Judy Ross – $195

Pillows are always a wonderful way to update a room, and the Fauna layout from Judy Ross is a gorgeous example of how a tiny bit of color can create a great impact.

Lotta Jansdotter

Trapp Simple Tote, Mustard – $76

Bring the weekly groceries home in style with all the Trapp Simple Tote in mustard by designer Lotta Jansdotter. It’s not only sturdy and roomy, but also perfect for cheering up gray winter days with its sunny color.


Classic Wool Blanket by Hindsvik – $45

Add some retro cool to your home with this lovely classic Dutch blanket, made from 100% wool. I love the pretty layout and hot tones, and it is flexible enough to function well in both traditional and contemporary homes.


Flame Birch French Pin – $60

This stunning handmade fire birch French rolling pin isn’t only the perfect kitchen tool for creating yummy sweet and savory pastries, but also a piece that is lovely enough to be displayed in the kitchen if not in use.


Autumn Cardinal Silkscreen Printing by Strawberry Luna – $25

This lovely Autumn Cardinal hand-pulled silkscreen print is really lovely you could build an whole room around it. The colours are just wonderful.


Vintage Autumn Branch Glasses by Wise Apple

Toast the beauty of fall with this sweet pair of six classic flower glasses in rich, seasonal colours. They would look great displayed in your kitchen or dining room also.


Stelton Vacuum Jug – $69.95

Maintain your gourmet coffee warm (or your own iced tea cold) and prepared to choose the beautifully designed Stelton Vacuum Jug. Its elegant, easy form and warm color would be definite assets to your own work area.


Cubizzmo No. 3 Rug – $893

I love the subtle modernity of the Cubizzmo No. 3 Rug by Secondly Studio. The soft warm grays heated up with a deep orange are all so pretty.

Burning Down the Second House from Ann Toebbe – $20

Artist Ann Toebbe works in a lovely style she refers to as folk-cubism — a sophisticated form of the classic folk art type. Her piece “Burning Down the Second House,” painted from childhood memories, is amazing and actually captures the impact of afternoon light through autumn leaves.

West Elm

Industrial Pendant – $19

The Industrial Pendant Light from West Elm is a great way to add a pinch of bright fall color to a living, kitchen or dining area — and it is available in different sizes and choices.


Danish Modern Scoop Lounge Chair by Groovy Girl 60 – $695

Insert some seriously groovy style to your autumn-themed inside for this 1960s Danish Modern Scoop Lounge Chair in original striped upholstery.


Orange Enamel Arabia Bowl by Modish Vintage – $62

This luminous orange, classic enamel bowl was designed for mixing, but its clean, elegant layout would make it just as suitable for storing lemons on the dining room table as well as holding a bouquet of flowers.

Suggestions for Autumn Decorating
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12 Ways to Get More Out of Your Closet This Year

In case you go to get dressed each morning and cringe at the sight of your cupboard, it might be time to fix it up for the new year. Maybe it is introducing more organizational aspects, or adding a splash of color to make it a much more enjoyable area. Considering that you use the cupboard regular, you would like it to be in top shape, for dressing as well as your own sanity. Take a look at these photos of walk-in closets for some inspiration. Before you know it, your cupboard itself could be upstaging your true wardrobe!

Browse cupboard photos

Organized Spaces

First things first: clear out it . The ideal route to a new and enhanced cupboard begins with starting fresh. Clear out everything so you can assess the bones of your cupboard. This can help you examine what structural enhancements you might want to make so you can tailor the space to your needs.

John Kraemer & Sons

Install hooks. Hooks are an affordable and effortless addition which will greatly boost your cupboard space. Hanging items such as belts, scarves or ties on hooks will loose up drawer space by turning walls into storage.

The Container Store

Insert baskets. Baskets are fantastic for coordinating loose items in your shelves providing your cupboard a streamlined look. Group like items in each basket so you’ll always know where to find what you’re looking for.

California Closets Twin Cities

Choose a uniform design hanger in the same color. This assists your eye to concentrate on the clothing.

Astleford Interiors, Inc..

Differentiate the peaks of your own shelves . To guarantee a proper home for everything in your wardrobe, you are very likely to need shelves of different heights. Stuffing too-tall things into too-short spaces leaves your cupboard feeling claustrophobic and you feeling frustrated.

Robin Roy, California Closets

Invest in jewellery organizers. When everything you have is set out in plain sight in an organized manner, it will make picking the perfect accessory easier and more fun.

Cabinet Innovations

Equip your drawers with dividers. Everyone knows how frustrating it is to dig through a drawer for the ideal T-shirt or socks. Avoid this by using dividers so that each thing has its own designated place.

Michael Fullen Design Group

Hang mirrors. The reasoning behind this is obvious, but do notice: You don’t need a huge walk-in cupboard with this hint to be related. Hanging one on the inside of your cupboard door will also do just fine.

Add colour . You devote a lot of time in your cupboard, so make it aesthetically pleasing. In case you’ve got the space, that may be achieved by including a colorful rug and fresh paint or wallpaper on the walls.

The Closet Guy Inc

Sneak in a hamper. Every fantastic cupboard requires a reachable hamper, but there is no need for it to be an eyesore. These tilted hamper drawers blend right into the scenery and make doing the laundry easier.

Dijeau Poage Construction

Perfect your lighting. The ideal lighting in a cupboard is a must. Ensure it has a mixture of overhead ambient lighting and task lighting for any appropriate places, like dressing table.

Create a screen . Once it is time to move everything back into your cupboard, arrange your wardrobe just like a screen. It’s important to have everything you have in view, also it is possible you’ll forget you ever bought it. If you set up it as if you’re owning a store, you’ll enjoy regular shopping your closet!

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10 Elements of the Perfect Closet

Merchandise Categories: Storage Assist for Small Closets

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Customize Your House Command Center

Make organizing your family’s schedule simpler with a home control centre in the middle of this action. This really isn’t the home office — it’s in an open region of the home where all essential purposes of running a home occur: organizing email, invoices, keeping everyone up to date with calendars and schedules, messages, meal planning and other things and information your family shares. Take a peek at common features of a command centre and see how you can make it easy — even fun — to keep an eye on your family’s busy schedule.

When designing your household command centre:

Find the right spot. The very best place for the control centre is a high-traffic place where family members have access on a daily basis. A spot by the family’s hottest entrance door is perfect.

Determine what features you actually need. Sometimes all you need is a pc if everybody in your home is familiar with it.

Consider the look you want. Consider mixing storage designs, like using closed and open shelving, working together with the kind of your current cabinetry for a seamless appearance, or putting everything on the wall to save floorspace.

Read on for 13 useful features to consider. Which ones are right for your family?

Browse photos of household drop zones

Gast Architects

1. Calendar. In cases like this, the calendar is a chalkboard with space for notes to family members and magnetic letters for delegation of actions.

Rob Kane – Kitchen Interiors Inc..

2. Computer. Move the high-tech route if there’s space in your control centre. And if the sight of a cluttered computer channel bothers you, a concealed storage cupboard like this will help.

Andrea J. Little Design

3. Message board. Here, a chalkboard is at a high-traffic area of the home so family members may leave notes and keep everybody up to date.

4. Wall panels. Magnetic message boards, wire cups and baskets turn into a wall into a control centre.

Wood Wall Pocket – $119

5. Wall pockets. Wooden boxes are fantastic for coupons and mail.


Wall Mounted Magnetic Organizer in Espresso by Umbra® – $14.99

6. Key holder. You’ll need a place to stash the keys, whether it’s a small dish on the counter or a dual-function device like this.

Andre Rothblatt Architecture

7. Cubbies. This compact control centre makes smart use of a small market.

Rauser Design

8. Clock. A timepiece is almost always a good thing to get in the kitchen for the morning rush and when cooking. Here, a classic clock unit hangs in this farmhouse-style kitchen beside a compact control centre.

9. Desk. A counter top and place to sit a control centre into a place to get actual work done.This is a superb use of space inside this dining room location. The cabinetry provides contrast to the control centre.

Peregrine Design Build

10. Bulletin board. Here is another mudroom remodeling job that produces household organization a priority. This spot is perfectly situated for a fast test on important tasks before heading out the door.

Artisan Kitchens Inc..

11. Charging station. The key to this perfect charging station is easy accessibility a place to hide clutter. A cupboard such as this with open cubbies and drawers beneath is a fantastic installation.

Becker Architects Limited

12. Display space. This spacious control centre in the mudroom area is large enough to display family photographs and a full bulletin board for submitting letters, notes and invoices.

Sarah Susanka, FAIA

13. Hooks. This spot has enough space for everything a family on the go needs, such as hooks for jackets and bowls for the dog.

More: Corral Your Materials in a Makeshift Mudroom
Switch a Closet Into an Office

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8 Fantasy Dining Room Designs

For the previous 11 years, Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS (DIFFA) has set on Dining By Design events nationally. These events are full of eye candy — designers pull out all the stops to showcase amazing, one-of-a-kind themed tabletops for just two nights. The 2011 San Francisco occasion was no exception. While some tables captured the eye of the vivid colour palettes, others stunned using their intricate customized products. Have a peek at a few of our favorite tables, and get motivated for your own holiday tablescape.

DIFFA donated all profits from the event into the UCSF Positive Health Program at San Francisco General Hospital. Pictures by Gabriel TothFejel

Gabriel TothFejel

Designer: Shades of Green Landscape Architecture

Shades of Green has been one of the only landscape architects at this year’s event, also lived up to the honour by producing a mythical jungle of draping vines, lush leaves and faux chrysalises at the table. The”Terra” table looks almost like it popped out of a fairy tale — due in good part to the throne-like seats. These unique seats are each made from one piece of wood, bringing this table into an entirely new level.

Gabriel TothFejel

Various kinds of ground cover provided from Wheeler Zamaroni were put at a shallow tray below the table. The table itself was covered with artificial turf and accented with numerous succulents. The bowls, glasses and silverware are by Diane von Furstenburg for Bloomingdale’s, and the plates and platters are from Heath Ceramics.

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12 Modern Dining Room Tablescapes

San Francisco Decorator Showcase 2011: Living Areas

Gabriel TothFejel

Designer and sponsor: Kravet

Francois Simard, Kravet corporate image designer, utilized contrasting tones of purple and green Kravet fabric in this colorful and cozy booth to create a vibrant and eclectic looking table. The table was made to create a more intimate lounge-like dining space. Despite the brilliant color palette, mild was the main inspiration in this design — the table has numerous holes cut into it so that light could filter through the imperial purple carpeting.

Gabriel TothFejel

The candles on the custom made table are from Restoration Hardware and the plates at each setting are from Crate & Barrel. Each one of the tabletop items were designed to fit snugly into the table’s holes.

Gabriel TothFejel

Sponsor: San Francisco Design Center
Designer: Gary Hutton

Hutton’s design relies on a”Crystal Pavilion” notion. Hutton and his group built the outside frame and covered it with sheer white cloth, which grabs the LED lights onto the floor. Hutton decided to utilize all white or clear materials so that these shifting lights would be reflected through the entire space. The unique chandelier is from Louis Poulsen and the white seats are from DZINE.

Gabriel TothFejel

Hutton picked his crystal motif based on the belief that quartz crystals have good energy and healing abilities, which are very related to the Positive Health Project. Hutton found these unique quartz shapes at Sloan Miyasato and Kirby Seid. The place settings were supplied by Gump’s.

Gabriel TothFejel

Designer: Chanda Seymour Mattson

Mattson designed three distinct tables for three eras: the 1950s, the 1980s and 2011. Mattson dedicated all of the tables into an Elizabeth Taylor motif. This table represented the 1950s — when Father of the Bride with Elizabeth Taylor was released, and she was a newlywed with Conrad Hilton. Mattson established the table on both of these weddings, then added the remainder of Taylor’s husbands names to the table settings for bit of fun. Bamboo seats from Chiavari were accented with lavish purple cushions, and a traditionally styled chandelier from Gregorious | Pineo casts a soft light over the scene.

Gabriel TothFejel

The dishware and linens with this table setting are exquisite antique finds. Mattson accented the table with all flower arrangements from Kate Siegel Fine Events and topiaries from Hinc. Cakes from Elegant Cheese Cakes supplied a great final touch.

Gabriel TothFejel

This table is Mattson’s 2011 table. Considering that the Hollywood Regency style is famous for its glamour and glitz — the epitome of Taylor’s daring style — Mattson gave this table a contemporary twist. Clear glass candlesticks and lavish blue seats were located at a local consignment shop. The placemat and napkin cloth is from Robert Allen, and all of the flatware and china are from Bloomingdale’s.

Gabriel TothFejel

Sponsor: California Home + Design and 7×7 Magazine
Designer: Room Service

The designers at Room Service created a Garden of Eden themed table, with show-stopping derriere-shaped chairs molded into male and female types to represent Adam and Eve, and bowls filled with with green apples. The custom acrylic tables were filled with flowers and succulents, and artificial grass was put underfoot to allude to the Garden of Eden.

Sponsor: Climb Real Estate
Designer: Applegate Tran

Designers Vernon Applegate and Gioi Tran combined contrasting looks and styles in a pleasantly laid back, California-chic table. A picture black and white abstract mural dominates one wall, whereas the place settings and rattan seats from Coup D’ Etat are a bit more subtle.

Gabriel TothFejel

Rather than a daring light fixture, Applegate Tran installed a gorgeous custom floral arrangement, designed by a group member. This intricate design hangs delicately over the table, providing pops of cheerful yellow into the setting.

Gabriel TothFejel

Designer: Aaron Silverstein

Silverstein’s table was motivated by the craftspeople of the hometown in Marin County in the 1970s. Though he was not a fan of this appearance when he was younger, he fell in love with all the design of these crafts and ideas later in life.

The table consists of reclaimed Indonesian teak beams, and the base is molded from blackened steel. The seats can also be framed in blackened steel and woven with sea grass. Silverstein made the lamp colors from Nomex — a fireproof paper used to line firefighters’ suits.

Gabriel TothFejel

Silverstein’s colour and material palette has been inspired by natural materials. Silverstein made everything about this table but for the abalone shells (that he polished into a sparkling pearled hue) and the napkins. The cups and plates are ceramic and the flatware is made from cut, forged and polished stainless steel.

Gabriel TothFejel

Designer: LabExperiment and Aldea Home

This playhouse diner was one of the very lively designs at this year’s event. A thick cardboard outside was created in a fashion much like youth playhouses made from cardboard boxes. Doodles decorate the sides, while the white and black palette leaves a little room for imagination.

Gabriel TothFejel

The interior of the playhouse is decidedly grown up. Textiles, products and wallpaper were supplied by Aldea Home. Quirky creature masks at each place setting invited diners to open for their inner child.

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Decorate With Autumn's Best

Cool, crisp air and turning leaves signal it is time to go outdoors to collect Mother Nature’s bountiful harvest. This harvest not only returns the ingredients to some of our favorite comfort foods, it supplies the warm accent colours that evoke comfy feelings while indoors.

Natural fibers also encourage nesting instincts when days and nights are spent nearer to home. Wool blanket and rugs fit the bill when the room has a chill. Here are a few of autumn’s best spaces which make you want to sip apple, take long walks, pick apples, and revel in some of your favorite pastimes.

More ways to decorate for fall

Case Design/Remodeling, Inc..

No time to get an elaborate display? Decorate in threes by simply including a trio of gourds to your existing decor. They alone are literal symbols that fall is here.

Add a thin coat of petroleum jelly and cayenne pepper to keep them from turning into a dinner for little critters.

Bosworth Hoedemaker

Use delicious apples to add a second layer of rich reddish color on your area. They’re also a wholesome snack within reach if you would like to keep the winter weight gain.

Charlie & Co.. Design, Ltd

Collect apples to make a minimum centerpiece to usher fall into a modern space. The windows that are exposed also invite the turning leaves to serve as the room’s colorful background.

Bosworth Hoedemaker

If summer got away from you, then fall supplies you with a last chance to dine alfresco. Spark a warm fire or set the air together with the closeness of candlelight.

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc..

If you previously integrate natural elements into your home’s décor, then you’re ahead of the fall-decorating fashion. The driftwood mirror says welcome.

Mahoney Architects & Interiors

Rather than running out to the gentleman, place corn stalks along with other amber waves of grain in vases to get a fast low-cost arrangement.

Michelle Fries, BeDe Design, LLC

Wool blankets make naps on the porch an idyllic luxury which lasts long after summer is over.

More ways to decorate for fall

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The Home that Launched Naked Decor

Meet Supon Phornirunlit, a designer who gave up his award-winning graphic design company to take some time off, travel and revel in life. In reprioritizing the function work played in his lifetime, he realized,”If you like what you do, then it is not work” In focusing on his immediate environment, a home in the Kalorama (Embassy Row) area in Washington, D.C., and his enthusiasm for keeping things clean and simple whilst injecting his sense of comedy, he inadvertently established a new company, Naked Decor.

Phornirunlit’s love for pop up art, smart hotel design, creatures and laughs makes his home a stylish, contemporary nest with delightful surprises around every corner. His line of pop-inspired accessories has been embraced by press and designers alike. He brings the joyful into the house, which makes it easy for anybody to switch up stalls along with other accessories to completely alter a room’s appearance. Let’s take a look at how his enthusiasm for decorating his house helped him create work that does not feel like work.

Supon Phornirunlit / Nude Decor

Here’s Phornirunlit and two of his puppies, Toto and Taylor. He’s had around four pets at a time, and you’ll quickly see how much they influence his job.

at a Glance:

Who lives here?
Supon Phornirunlit plus a menagerie of beloved pets

Design and location: Postmodern home built in 1963 from the Kalorama area of Washington, D.C.; it’s never undergone a major architectural renovation.

Size: 3 stories, 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms

Supon Phornirunlit / Nude Decor

This is the room that started Phornirunlit’s most up-to-date company, Naked Decor. He entered a picture of his living room in a magazine competition and won. Shortly afterwards, there was high demand for your”Live Like a Queen” pillows he’d left for himself. He began to fill orders for them, and Naked Decor was first born.

“I loved the draping in a boutique resort in which I stayed in Miami,” he says. This motivated the 20-foot-long wall of curtains across either side of the room and its expansive windows.

Supon Phornirunlit / Nude Decor

Phornirunlit enjoys to utilize props and change them out for various appearances (play”spot the difference” on this image and also the one above to see how he does so ). “Real men aren’t afraid of pink!” He says. He found these larger-than-life poodles in Mexico and had quite a time in habits convincing officials to not cut open. “They had been packed in boxes with their heads sticking out!” he laughs. Luckily, they made it across the edge intact.

The sofas and chairs are from Crate and Barrel, and the tripod lamp together with the faux-feathered color is out of Thailand. The dog-related pillows and trays in this image are Naked Decor.

Supon Phornirunlit / Nude Decor

“I like to make unique sections in a huge room like this one,” Phornirunlit says. “I never need a seating to force folks to arrange themselves as they’re all sitting around a campfire.”

He likes oversize pieces that produce a big visual effect — for example, the big, striped ottoman in this room.

Supon Phornirunlit / Nude Decor

Now that Phornirunlit runs his business out of his house, living room also serves as a reception area and conference room. This adjoining room, connected through French doors, serves as his office. Besides the easy flow from one space to the other, this lets in the natural light from the living room.

Supon Phornirunlit / Nude Decor

This darker, first-floor sitting room has more of a personal, man-cave vibe. Phornirunlit calls it”a pop take on rustic” The room was motivated by swimming, which also motivated his Oh Deer pillow found on the sofa. “No animals were harmed in decorating this space,” he says. The decorations are cast in resin, and the carpet’s zebra pattern is painted on.

Supon Phornirunlit / Nude Decor

The other end of the room contains this dining area. “I needed to do something fun at full-dog dimensions,” says Phornirunlit. Therefore, the Happy Hot Dog Screen Tray was created to present atop a tablescape. He bought the George Rodrigue blue dog painting more than 15 years ago, before the artist’s popularity exploded.

During celebrations, the curtains and doors between the sitting room and the deck have been opened , allowing for free flow between inside and outside.

Supon Phornirunlit / Nude Decor

What is behind most of those curtains in the sitting room? An incredible, 8-inch-deep reflecting pool, motivated by one he had seen in a hotel lobby in Thailand. “This was once a simple 800-square-foot deck, with 200 to 300 potted plants onto it,” Phornirunlit explains. “I realized it took approximately two hours a day to be certain they were watered and decided to make a change.”

The reflecting pool is surrounded by a delightful mixture of repeated elements such as inexpensive chairs from IKEA adorned with Warhol-esque Chairman Mao pillows, elephant-shaped umbrella racks, $10 umbrellas from Pier 1, plus a Buddha figure from Thailand. The crystal lights are solar.

Supon Phornirunlit / Nude Decor

The kitchen renovation is Phornirunlit’s most up-to-date project. “This 7-foot-high subway sign from Restoration Hardware has been my inspiration,” he says. What followed were black granite counters and mini glass subway tiles, which take on just a touch of green.

Supon Phornirunlit / Nude Decor

The kitchen recovery was motivated by a lack of storage. As opposed to opening it up to the adjoining sitting room, he used the wall for cabinets and maintained things bright by using lots of white, reflective surfaces such as glass tiles, stainless steel appliances and lots of lighting options. Notice the lights inside the cabinets.

Supon Phornirunlit / Nude Decor

Clear glass cabinet doors gave Phornirunlit an opportunity to infuse color and playfulness into the kitchen through his tiki mug and martini shaker collections. The kitchen also allowed him to utilize stitches leftover from a customer’s project, an example of his balance of practicality and whimsy.

Supon Phornirunlit / Nude Decor

The original laundry room”was a wreck, and that I needed additional storage for the home,” Phornirunlit says. Cabinets fill the 84-square-foot space. After picking the red front-loading washer and dryer, he realized using black granite flooring was a fantastic way to supply punctuating contrast.

Supon Phornirunlit / Nude Decor

“Every room in the home has its own personality,” Phornirunlit says. This guest room has Thai accents, like the temple doors with hand-painted Buddhas and also the intricate quilt on the bed. Throughout the House, he ties everything together with contemporary pieces, such as the Puzzle Chairs from David Kawecki and the Knoll Toothpick Table. The rug was a 10 score from Urban Outfitters.

Supon Phornirunlit / Nude Decor

Next to the Buddha guest space is the room that Phornirunlit dubs”The Addams Family Black and White Room.” He painted all of the organic wood furniture white and black and inserted the silver chrome hardware to the dresser. Black trim adds sharp borders and emphasizes straight lines.

The rug is assembled using FLOR tiles. “I enjoy FLOR. You can produce a rug as big as the space, and with around four animals around, I will cut and replace one piece of it whenever necessary,” Phornirunlit says.

Supon Phornirunlit / Nude Decor

When Phornirunlit realized that the tiles he enjoyed at Home Depot Expo were half off, he remodeled all of his bathrooms at once, giving each one a different feel through the colours he chose.

This bathroom is adjacent into the darkened bedroom, which motivated its own glam and minimal palette. As much pleasure as Phornirunlit likes to possess with décor, he retains resale in mind to ensure major renovations won’t be needed if he wants to sell the home.

Supon Phornirunlit / Nude Decor

All these hornlike sconces from Philippe Starck were in the home if Phornirunlit moved in. “The wall looks like a smiley face, together with the bird serving as the red lipstick,” he says. When you look closely, you’ll realize that the wall on the right is coated in the same tile in white. The skylight in the ceiling of the third-floor bedroom bathes the room in natural light, which can be reflected by the tiles.

Supon Phornirunlit / Nude Decor

The drama of high hotel design influenced Phornirunlit inside this bathroom, in which he covered the whole wall in the identical blue tile.

Supon Phornirunlit / Nude Decor

The pop appeal from the master bedroom has been punched up from the Campbell’s soup renderings, done by Andy Warhol’s former assistant, Steve Kaufman. Again, FLOR tiles extend the rug to the size of the space and may be replaced when stained.

Have you guessed why he called his company Naked Decor? Beyond believing that sex sells, Phornirunlit explains”when you move into your house, it is naked and bare” His accessories dress the house, transforming furnishings into fun outfits for rooms.

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Regional Modern: Boston

My collection of ideabooks focused on regional differences in modern and modern residential architecture continues with Boston, Mass.. One of the earliest cities in the United States, Boston has become known for its leading universities (Harvard and MIT, to name two), its biotech and medical centers, and of course its sports teams. It is apparent from the sampling below that houses calling the largest city in New England home cover a far larger area than the distinctive urban core and adjacent suburbs. Nevertheless, these houses illustrate something unique about this darkened corner of the U.S.

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Hammer Architects

Cape Cod is to Boston as Long Island is to New York City: a method to leave town and get in touch with nature, especially the Atlantic Ocean. Houses on Cape Cod reflect the high property values of the peninsula, as well as a respect for the place. This house in Truro blends into its context via timber cladding and a generous trellis.

Cape Cod style across America

Hammer Architects

Hammer Architects is obviously taking the cold winters into account in their addition by minimizing the size of openings on certain exposures. In an environment of natural beauty and intense cold, houses must balance the desire for the two views and warmth.

Hammer Architects

Another residential addition on Cape Cod (Wellfleet) by Hammer Architects exemplifies these two considerations: a few predominantly solid exterior walls give way…

Hammer Architects

… to expansive glass along with a screened-in porch that takes advantage of opinions along with the generous outdoor area. The house also includes an indoor lap pool with sliding walls that open into the outdoors; Cape Cod is a park of sorts, after all.

Hammer Architects

Another Wellfleet house by Hammer Architects reveals a rustic flair at the weathered wood siding on those predominantly solid walls. Generous glazing on the other side of the house opens into a massive deck.

Maryann Thompson Architects

Martha’s Vineyard, an island south and west of Cape Cod, is yet another popular draw for New Englanders. This house by Maryann Thompson Architects also utilizes timber cladding and sliding walls to link inside and outside in warm weather. A great indoor-outdoor fireplace (observable in the middle of the photograph ) extends the use of this patio into the cooler months.

Maryann Thompson Architects

Moving nearer to Boston (Westport, to be precise) to a different house by Maryann Thompson Architects, we can observe how the design responds to the site, a meadow. Enormous glass walls bring in plenty of sunlight, but sunlight is reduced via large overhangs. Ringed by a porch, the house appears to be elevated on a plinth, as though it floats on the meadow.

Maryann Thompson Architects

By separating the interior spaces, breezes are allowed to funnel throughout the house.

Maryann Thompson Architects

And now we see how the generous porch is echoed at the roof, making sheltered outdoor spaces.

Hammer Architects

Arlington, northwest of Boston, is the place for another improvement by Hammer Architects. A neighboring house appears in the distance, meaning privacy is also an issue with the positioning and size of windows. The timber cladding works well alongside the brick first; it’s not only for Cape Cod.

Marcus Gleysteen Architects

This house is located at Lincoln, west of Boston. The landscaped grounds are stunning and well-framed by floor-to-ceiling windows that alternative with white brick cladding.

Chang + Sylligardos Architects

Also west of Boston is Newton, in which the past couple of houses in this collection are located. This impressively large and intricate house selectively locates and sizes that the windows, addressing both climate and privacy. The cantilevered top floor on the right is clad in timber, a recurring element in the area.

Chang + Sylligardos Architects

This smaller residence from the same architects is also covered in timber, however, the two volumes are treated distinctively: the grey box uses horizontal planks; the elevated red box is coated with vertical siding.

LDa Architecture & Interiors

Last, this house brings to the fore the history found in the Boston region: the wood-clad exterior that informs many of the prior designs. Here, an addition opts for comparison, with metal rather than wood and massive expanses of glass.

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