Smart Shopper: How to Purchase a Mattress

Mattress shopping is just one of those dreaded jobs, like buying a vehicle, that may leave the consumer feeling dejected, defeated and deceived. The language is confounding, and comparisons may be bewildering. To top it off, the client sometimes has to haggle to seal the deal.

“It is hard for the user,” acknowledges Eric Thompson, the proprietor of Bedroom & More, a San Francisco mattress dealership. And yet it’s a task that needs to be performed frequently — as often as every six decades.

Listed below are a few tips to help you navigate the maze of mattress shopping. Hopefully, you’ll come out to the other side relaxed, relieved and sleeping like a baby.

Hotel Collection

How often should you replace your mattress? When your old mattress leaves you feeling exhausted or tired, it’s time to replace it. The Better Sleep Council recommends trading on your mattress every five to seven decades. While it’s not surprising to see this proposal coming out of a trade group, others support this theory, both for relaxation and for health reasons. (Mattresses collect dead skin cells and sweat as time passes, which may attract dust mites and pose health risks.)

If you get an excellent mattress with a coil count over 900 and keep it clean, Thompson says you can stretch that life expectancy to 10 or 15 decades. To prolong the life of any mattress, he advocates buying a waterproof, breathable mattress cover, that will help protect the surface from moisture and skin tissues. (They begin at less than $25.)

Size matters. If you sleep solo, any size will do. Unless you are tall, in which case you’ll want to go with a queen or king. If you sleep with somebody else, you’ll also feel much more comfortable with a queen or king.

Average mattress sizes:
Dual: 38 by 75 inchesFull or double: 53 by 75 inchesQueen: 60 by 80 inchesKing: 76 by 80 inchesCalifornia king: 72 by 84 inchesFirmness. Pros no longer subscribe to this theory that a firm mattress is best for you, so go with what feels comfortable.

If you are over age 40, then that might be a softer mattress than you have used before, because skin becomes more sensitive to stress as we get older. Firmness designations vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, so gauge a mattress by how it feels, not by what it’s called.

Foothills Amish Furniture

Mattress types. The fantastic ol’ innerspring mattress is no longer the only game in town. Now you have a bewildering collection of mattress alternatives to choose from, such as memory foam, latex, gel, inflatables and all natural — just to mention a few.
Innerspring has become the most popular option and the cheapest; it features tempered steel coils wrapped in layers of cushioning. Memory Foam (conforms to the shape of the body, so when you move, the remaining portion of the bed does not shake (great for all those bothered by a restless spouse). Gel mattresses combine memory foam with a cooling, so the body does not get so hot during sleep. Latex mattresses blend characteristics of the innerspring and memory foam to deliver excellent comfort at a top price. Indoor atmosphere mattresses possess an abysmal core which you may adapt to the desired firmness. All-natural beds commerce engineered materials for organic alternatives like cotton, wool and rubber.More about shopping for a Pure mattress

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Hit the stores. Research mattresses, check for brand ratings and hit on the mattress stores. Remember while dealing with innerspring mattresses that a mattress will have a different name and insure from 1 shop to the next, although the item may be indistinguishable. This is a longstanding tradition in the mattress world, and it makes it quite hard for customers to compare products and prices from store to store. Fight it, and it’ll drive you nuts.

Rather, attempt to settle a merchant you prefer, and compare the merchandise in that showroom. Or narrow the field down to both or three favorite mattresses, and choose the model with the very best price.

Testing the mattress. Do not get a mattress without testing it in the shop. Dress in comfortable clothes (pants) and wear shoes that are easy to slip away. If you sleep with somebody else, bring your spouse with you. If you are bashful about lying on a mattress in public, get it over. You are likely to devote a third of your life with this sucker, so it’s worth a couple of minutes of humiliation.

Gauge your initial reaction to every mattress. If you prefer it, then spend time lying on every side, your stomach and your spine, giving additional time to the place you normally sleep in. It isn’t unreasonable to spend 10 or 15 minutes onto a mattress you are seriously interested in. Do not be scared to ask the salesperson to leave you while you are testing a mattress, so that you may focus on the relaxation.

“Do not let anyone push you into a sale,” says Thompson. “Listen to your body. And look closely at the coil count.”

Coil count. A fantastic way to compare 1 mattress with another is by checking the coil count. Normally, the higher the coil count, the better the support. (That’s not the exact same thing as firmness.)

There are 3 standard types of coils: pocketed, hourglass and continuous. Pocketed coils are individually wrapped in a tiny bag, hourglass have a round top and bottom, and continuous are created from sinuous interconnected wire ringlets. The normal mattress contains anywhere from 250 to 1,000 coils. Obviously, bigger mattresses will have more coils compared to smaller ones. If you are looking around for a queen-size mattress, start looking for no less than 600 sinuous coils or 900 pocketed coils.

Mattress manufacturers may compensate for a low coil count by using a thicker wire. Cable thickness is measured in gauge, with a lower number representing a coil.

Pricing. The price is generally negotiable, especially for innerspring mattresses. Make sure you haggle (unless the merchant clearly says that costs are company) and don’t be tricked by the size of the discount that the salesperson offers — it’s the bottom price that’s most significant, Thompson says. If you enjoy a $1,200 mattress at shop A, and shop B is willing to sell you a comparable $3,000 mattress for 50 percent off, you are still paying $300 more for shop B’s mattress. Do not fall for it.

Before buying, ask regarding return policies, restocking charges, delivery charges and whether the shop will dispose of your old mattress. These variables could influence your final price.

Do not assume that a no-haggle merchant is a more expensive seller. Big chain stores might slash costs or sell to negotiate, but they often begin from an inflated markup, and the negotiated price might be no better — or even greater — than the no-haggle price at stores such as Macy’s or Nordstrom. “If I did not have a mattress shop,” Thompson says, “that’s where I would go.”

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Get in Line

Whether your look is classic or contemporary, stripes are a blueprint that may work for you. In the bedroom, striped walls add interest and order into a space without creating too busy a look at the location where you rest. Soft and vibrant in neutral hues, stripes go virtually unnoticed, but painted in vivid, contrasting colors that they take centre stage.

You are able to add stripes into a room with wallpaper or paint. Wallpaper is a simple way to guarantee your stripes are tidy and regular. After painting, make sure you be meticulous about taping off directly, level lines. This may be trickier than you may suspect, so call in a professional if you are unsure of your DIY skills.

Wish to test stripes in your bedroom? These nine rooms offer inspiration.

Alfonso DiLauro

Here slim vertical stripes add drama and height to this sleeping package. The extra-tall headboard increases the feeling of height, while the solid-hued mattress linens ground the appearance.

Browse bedroom layouts

The Virginia House

This infant’s room may do double duty as a guest bedroom when equipped with a spare bed. Keeping the d├ęcor neutral and sophisticated in beige and cream stripes prevents visitors from feeling like they’ve been annexed into a romper room.

Marie Burgos Design

Vertical lavender and white stripes make an airy texture in this loftlike bedroom. The color of this wall stripes also echoes the hue of this bedding for a coordinated but not too matchy-matchy appearance.

Amy Lau Design

The vivid colors of the eclectic children’s bedroom reflect its Miami locale. Designer Amy Lau shows that irregular painted wall stripes can be a lively way to add interest to a room.

Scheer & Co..

Bright blue and white stripes give this room a distinctly nautical feel. If used in a bedroom, this daring wall remedy should be tempered with silent, strong or patterned bedding.

The Lettered Cottage

The smallest of bedrooms may benefit from the inclusion of subtle stripes. Here the lightly hued bands of color draw the eye upward, giving the illusion of space at a decidedly cramped room.

Erika Ward – Erika Ward Interiors

Orange and blue lie opposite each other on the color wheel, and as this chamber shows, complementary colors are always a powerful pick for stripes. Consider experimenting with yellow and purple or green and red stripes — but obviously be cautious with the latter to prevent looking Christmasy.

Overhead stripes and the architecture of the space play . The result is to focus on the area’s sloping ceiling and add a feeling of height. The designer was clever not to stripe the walls as well, which may have made the room seem like a circus tent than a calming bedroom.

Stripes feel modern in this modern-looking bedroom. The pairing of numerous pastel colors with elephants and dark forests is a unique choice.

Flat Stripes: Blond, Beautiful and Easier Than You Think
Nice Lines: Decorating with Stripes
Stripes Forever

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Guest Picks: Suggestions for a Sophisticated Girl’s Bedroom

If I could design girls’ rooms all day, I would be one happy designer! Anything goes at a young girl’s room, especially pattern and color. A mixture of investment bits with cheap items, picture elements and storage solutions will result in a classic room to last from the tween to adult years. — Vanessa from Decor Joyful


MP3 Alarm Clock Docking Station and Speakers – $59.95

This combination alarm clock/iPod charger with speakers is just perfect for your own tune-loving girl.

Conventional Bedding – $125

What woman, young or old, doesn’t adore Kate Spade? The embroidered dragonflies and grosgrain ribbon trim with this Egyptian cotton duvet cover include a note of whimsy.

Contemporary Upholstery Fabric – $21.95

Fabric is almost always a great jumping off point to get a colour scheme. I would upholster a curvy headboard with this gorgeous, floral fabric. The turquoise, citrine and gray-brown colors are fresh and pretty.

Traditional Headboards

If you are a savvy DIY-er, you could easily make a custom headboard. Otherwise, an upholsterer can make your vision a reality. I adore the simple curve of this one.

Conventional Nightstands And Bedside Tables

Solid wood pieces are an investment that can be handed down from 1 generation to another. All these Canadian-made bedside tables possess ample storage, and the wood tone pops up any space. The clean, simple Shaker layout gives this piece longevity.

Contemporary Table Lamps – $228.91

I’m a longtime lover of gourd lamps. This peacock beauty picks up on the colors in the headboard fabric and makes a significant statement.

Contemporary Dressers Chests And Bedroom Armoires – $799

The softly bowed drawer fronts onto this dresser include femininity and elegance.


2 Tone Round Mirror – $315.01

I would hang this big, gorgeous gold tone mirror over the dresser.

Eclectic Rugs – CAD 1,800

When I watched these Second Life carpets at ELTE, I couldn’t help but wonder whose home they’d graced during their 40-plus year lifespan. Each conventional Turkish carpet is stripped of its own colour and given a new life with vibrant dyes in a rainbow of colors.

Contemporary Pillows – $39.95

I would place two of those velvet cushions in front of white pillow shams on the mattress.

Eclectic Pillows – $50

This pillow adds a picture punch to the bed when put in front of the two chartreuse upholstered cushions.

Contemporary Chandeliers

This chandelier is a touch on the expensive side but I’m sure you could find the look for less. It is glam and edgy at the exact same time and will bring sparkle to a bedroom.


Teramo Curtain Panels – $79.95

Every room can use a tiny zigzag. I would hang those drapes with pins on the rear tabs, which will make the look of a pleat as opposed to the rod pocket. They will seem more luxe and not as casual as a result.

Contemporary Desks – $299

If the bedroom has space for this, a desk or vanity provides additional storage and a place to apply cosmetics or do homework. This one is simple, practical and cheap to boot.

Conventional Chairs – $299

A comfortable upholstered seat seat will ensure your girl spends time required on her research!

Eclectic Bookcases Cabinets And Computer Armoires – $594

An area to store books and exhibit accessories and treasures is essential in a young girl’s room. I adore the distressed wood and white lacquer finish with this piece.

Mediterranean Ottomans And Cubes – $249

A Moroccan pouf adds that well-worn, traveled feel to a space and provides seating when friends are over. All these are sewn by hand by artisans in Marrakesh.

Vanessa Francis

LUXE FUME Diptyque Print by Anne Harwell – $40

Every room needs art! These perfume bottle prints will up the woman factor in any area.

Eclectic Accessories And Decor – $49

This jewellery holder reminds me of a tiered cake rack. It has a lot of space to store earrings, necklaces and the like.

Eclectic Toilet Storage – $28

These glass jars will be perfect to store little girly things such as hair accessories.

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Dreaming of a Bedroom Walkout

After buying a home that offers an outdoor escape directly from the bedroom, then I have had a firsthand look at what it’s like to have this kind of luxury. Sure, it’s a very simple matter, really — we’d never bat an eye at having a door off the front of the home. It’s normal and expected. But to have a private escape the side of your bedroom is something different entirely.

Whether it’s a walkout that steps directly into the yard or one which slips off to a small retreat, the general feeling is the same. Going to bed only to see that you’d rather gaze at the stars wouldn’t longer cause a stir throughout the rest of the home. And , waking up and needing to slip outside before interacting with other people is a really nice option to have. Most of us have these mornings?

So, as an ode to bedrooms that offer such a treat, here are 13 photographs of stunning bedroom walkouts. Make sure you pay careful attention to the doorways: It seems they all have one thing in common. Wide open accessibility to from, helping the separate spaces merge into a single.

Ziger/Snead Architects

It appears that this modern home is surrounded by lush green foliage. I can only imagine how cool it is to wake up and walk outside on a crisp autumn morning. Robe and slippers, it’s time to get up!

Jagoda Architecture

While looking for photographs to add in this ideabook, I kept coming across bedrooms with lovely French doors but no views of the patios which rested behind them. I was pleased to see this bedroom had another perspective…

Jagoda Architecture

Which is this! I was amazed to observe how large the room is. What a stunning view that this homeowner has — and with just two sets of doors. A bedroom that this lavish would be difficult to leave.

Eggleston Farkas Architects

A home overlooking the lake is one thing. A home with a bedroom walkout to a balcony overlooking the lake is just another. Particularly when there are mountains involved.

Charmaine Werth

A sheer drape swaying involving exquisite doors looks like something you would find in the ocean-view suite on the Caribbean.

Rossington Architecture

This sunny bedroom would unquestionably be a favorite hangout if it had been in my own home. And if the room does not already feel airy enough, there is always the balcony to lounge on.

Feldman Architecture, Inc..

Another bedroom with just a sliver of this porch glancing through. Judging by the way this bedroom loft is introduced, I am sure the porch perspective wouldn’t let us down. I am especially fond of these rich colored doorways.

John Maniscalco Architecture

Swiping that blanket the foot of the bed and heading out for a kiss from the sun are the first thing on the to-do list, I am positive. Walking outside to be greeted with Lawn Care beneath your feet after a long day would be fine, too.

Feldman Architecture, Inc..

Gazing through this wall of windows every morning would be a great way to get going. Until you choose a chair in one of these low-slung wooden seats, that’s. Then it is possible to depend on hanging out rather than getting dressed.

Rossington Architecture

Forget waking up to the nudging nose a cat or dog — fish stay to themselves and will not wake you up at 5:30 a.m. on the weekend. A mesmerizing pet which you may visit at your leisure does not come often. But that is okay, most of us adore our budding friends and would not really trade them for a school of bass. Their calmness is merely an added bonus.

Stepping out onto this deck for a day mojito before sun-down could likely develop into a ritual . Lounge clothes on, rum cap off. I wonder if there is a bar cart round the corner?

David Churchill – Architectural Photographer

I really don’t know if I am more attracted to the charm of French doors and their gridded panes of glass or even the smooth transition which these floor to ceiling windows offer, but either way, this specific setup works well within this area. I’d say that smaller chambers look better with a single sheet of glass head .

Urrutia Design

My favorite part about this terrace is all of the texture! Bricks below your footsteps, shake siding into your side, glossy planters down manicured plants reaching upwards — all things which make this outdoor retreat worthy of an open-door policy.

So, are you prepared for a bedroom with outdoor access on your home? Or perhaps you already have one? If you do, we’d really like to see your photographs! Make sure you share in the Remarks section below.

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