5 Tips to Pressure Wash Your Home

Thanks to the increased availability of handyman Fresno CA tools and equipment which you can purchase or rent depending on your needs, pressure cleaning your home has never been easier. However, it’s probably a good idea for you to learn a few tricks on how to do it the right way, as well as the possible pitfalls you might come across along the way.

Luckily, we’ve got some solid tips that you can use to pressure clean your home to perfection!

Choose the Correct Tool

First, you want a machine that can produce a certain amount of water flow which you’ll count in gallons per minute, and one of the best is the 5 GPM machine with 3,700 PSI. The machine you use should also be able to dispense both water and cleaning product at the same time, as that’ll make it more effective and quicker. Adding a little chlorine to the mix can also help to protect the tiles from mold and mildew. For a versatile and good quality machine that’s reasonably priced, you can expect to pay about $500.

Keep Safety in Mind

You need to learn how to handle the pressure washer correctly when doing handyman Fresno so that it doesn’t cause injuries or damage to your property. Be sure to always point the machine’s nozzle in the right direction before you activate the sprayer, and never point it at someone as the weight and velocity of the water may cause them to fall and get injured. Also wear protective gear like gloves, a long-sleeved shirt and some boots to protect yourself, especially if there’s wind that could blow the water back at you. Make sure that the tip is clipped in tight so that it doesn’t fly off when you switch on the water.

Don’t Overdo It

Experts recommend that you switch the machine on to a moderate to low setting because most situations don’t actually require a high-pressure setting. Most machines also come with different nozzles to adjust the pressure to different levels, and the machine’s manual will have all the details on which attachment is best for which application. Just keep in mind that you should apply the chemicals first and then rinse them before they get dry.

Protect Your Assets

To protect your outdoor plants and your car from the chemicals sprayed by the handyman services Fresno CA machine, make sure to rinse them prior to starting and then during and after as well, as this will lessen their exposure to the chemicals and dilute them more effectively.

Know the Machine’s Limits

While you can easily complete the smaller pressure washing jobs around your house on your own, you may find it beneficial to consult with the pros when it comes to bigger jobs like the roof or any area that’s higher than one story. Professionals usually have pressure cleaners that can go up to four stories without using a ladder, so they’ll complete the job quicker in any case.