Developing a Client Worthy Home Office

With an ever increasing quantity of home-based companies beginning during the last couple of years, it is becoming even more important to create a place where you’re comfortable working, as well as having meetings with clients. As an additional incentive, there’s something to be said for a house office design that completely represents the brand you’re working to create. I congratulate all of you who have started your own business — it is a crazy experience where I also started about seven years back.

Here are seven tips and tricks for designing your home office surroundings to reflect your business, and be comfy for all potential work scenarios.


1. Provide comfortable seating for guests. There are two sorts of scenarios where you might have clients stop by your workplace: for creative approach sessions, or for business meetings. Within this chic blue workplace, full of glamour from floor to ceiling, a large white leather couch is ideal for a casual inspection session or to simply sit with clients after the business is taken care of.

Witt Construction

Occasionally an office does not have space for multiple seating situations. Within this garage-turned-office surroundings, two ladder back chairs give visitors a place to sit before a desk to review documents. The casual setting is finished off with attractive table lamps along with a cozy vibe.

Jim Tetro

2. Permit for more casual meetings. Okay, not all workplaces have the real estate this one does. This impressive house office defines savvy business acumen all around. From the darker wood paneling into the barrel vaulted ceiling, this office is business. The important thing here is the seating area just past the dining room. With chairs for four, this installment is ready for some serious strategy sessions or perhaps toasting a successful business deal just wrapped up.

John Maniscalco Architecture

3. Create an environment to reflect your enterprise. There is some serious wheeling and dealing going on in this area. Perhaps financial transactions that are large or a movie deal. Whatever it is, this workplace defines confidence and power, while being to the relaxed side. Notice the tiny lively touches: antlers, an hour glass sitting around the desk and a very trendy industrial desk light. It just says “Take me seriously, but let us also have some fun”

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4. Permit for privacy, when demanded. When having clients in your house, it’s important to have the ability to shut off the workplace from everyday household activites for privacy purposes. Here a couple of rustic barn doors are used to create a wonderful entrance into the workplace, but also provides privacy when required.

Atmosphere Interior Design Inc..

5. Surround yourself and clients with luxury. This may really be based on the type of business or you might alter how “luxury” is defined to fit your new image. Within this very simple and lavish workplace, deep toned and highly graphic wallpaper surrounds the desk. Sculptural console lamps along with a mirror include just the right amount of decoration. This office, with it’s rich surroundings, is really about the business whilst feeling comfortable and taken care of.

6. Show off your business abilities. An organized office goes quite a way to show clients your success and your ability to stay on top of what it is you’re doing (I will be the first to admit I really must clean my office!) . This office has all of the right organization features: cubbies for rolled up programs, paper storage, cable management accessories and open shelving to display off cherished items. There is nothing wrong with revealing your personal side.

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7. Provide a common work place. If you’re in a more innovative business where you might be working collaboratively with workers or other professionals, a separate work surface allows for impromptu meetings, from someone’s desk. This little round dining table is just large enough to roll out a pair of plans or spread documents out for everybody to see.

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