The Way to Remove Musty Smells From Garbage Disposals

Garbage disposals keep your kitchen free of ants and fruit flies which would otherwise be attracted to decomposing food items in the garbage. But disposals may lead to problems of their own when food particles become trapped inside the functions. If musty, mildewy odors are coming out of the garbage disposal and filling your kitchen, you can flush out the system quickly using normal household things. To prevent the smell from returning, always run clean water through the Entry for 20 seconds after using it.

Cut a lime or lemon into quarters with a sharp knife. Place the quarters in the garbage disposal.

Add one or two handfuls of ice cubes into the disposal. Switch it on and let it grind up the cubes along with the citrus quarters for 10 to 15 minutes. Do not run the water.

Leave the floor lime or lemon mix from the disposal for half an hour. Switch the disposal on again, and now turn the tap on as well. Run the water and disposal for about 20 minutes after the machine ceases making any grinding sounds.

Dip a paper towel distilled white vinegar. Run it under the rubber gasket at the mouth of the disposal to remove any food particles and kill any odor-causing bacteria.

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