Screen Doors Bring a Breath of Fresh Air

For me, nothing says summer like a screen door’s sound. I grew up in the South, where they’re a beloved portion of houses both old and new. Not only do they let cooling breezes blow through and allow us to enjoy eight or nine months of warm weather, but they also keep out our notorious no-see-ums and other insects. Hearing a screen door wheeze open and bang shut instantly transports me to warm nights on the porch, watching the lightning bugs flicker amid the trees and looking for stars in the inky sky.

See if one of the display doors here will help you enjoy your own summer longer.

Crisp Architects

It will not get more classic than this. A display in the house’s front entrance telegraphs an instantaneous sense of coziness and welcome. Painting it black assists to place it off and create a focal point — notice how your eye travels straight to it. Yet that the color is neutral enough to not stop the gaze.

Austin Patterson Disston Architects

A newly installed display door will head its manners and swish shut with hardly a sound. But if, like me, you crave that touch slam, only loosen the screw on the nearer (the piston-style cylinder on top that regulates pressure) ever so slightly. There … that’s better.

The Lettered Cottage

Screens aren’t just for exterior doors use them inside to let air circulate throughout your house and infuse it with a dab of cabin charm.

Nick Deaver Architect

Believe you can not use a screen door in a contemporary setting? You definitely can; it is all in the design. This one remains true to the graphic lines and industrial overtones of its setting.

Castle Homes

What a clever idea: a screen door that slides, barn design, rather than swinging out or in. This would work especially well in an area with a small footprint, even where an open doorway could cut into precious floor space.

Liz Williams Interiors

Can’t pick between display doors and French doors? Have both. Screens on these classic, elegant versions maintain the elegance of this space when connecting it with all the inviting outdoor area outside.

Blue Sky Building Company

Display doors may provide you a fantastic opportunity to add a little whimsy, particularly in a shore house, pool cabana or pond retreat. Cutouts create this one fun that is pure.

Chris Kauffman

Draw attention to a display door by painting it with a glowing colour that contrasts with the good doorway behind it. This pineapple and celery combo feels sharp and sprightly.

Rethink Design Studio

Screen Door Care and Maintenance

Dust and dirt build up in screens as time passes, so you will want to wash yours every so often. Scrub the screen gently with a soft brush to loosen debris and dirt, then use a handheld vacuum cleaner or attachment to siphon off it. Wipe the strong elements of the door with a cleanser appropriate to the surface (painted wood, metal etc.).

Lubricating. Oil that the hinges periodically with WD-40 or a different lubricant to keep them functioning smoothly — unless, of course, you prefer your doorway to creak and squeak.

Screens are prone to snags and tears, and they are able to come loose in their framing. You may be able to fix small holes yourself with a patch kit or other equipment from the local home center or hardware store, but significant damage requires professional assistance.

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