How to Remove Wallpaper and Paint the Wall

Perhaps, your child has already outgrown the baby-themed wallpaper in his or her nursery room. Or maybe you have moved to a new home and you would like to update the old and worn out wallpaper. Whatever your reasons are, removing the wallpaper and starting painters Bradenton, FL on your wall is a pretty straightforward process.

Here’s how to go about it:

Prepare the Space

Preparing the space is an important step yet a lot of people tend to skip this part. Taking the time to prepare the space before you start removing the wallpaper can help to ensure that the other areas in the room will not be ruined. So take the curtains off, including the outlet covers, and any wall hangings and decorations. Place a drop cloth on the flooring of the area where you are going to work.

Test the Wallpaper’s Adhesion

Starting from the seam or corner, gently peel the wallpaper away from the wall. If the wallpaper comes off very easily and will not tear the underlying drywall, then you can simply pull the wallpaper off the entire wall!

Make the Solution

If the previous step didn’t work, grab a pump sprayer and fill it with boiling water and hot water of the same amount. You may also pour a small amount of fabric softener in it to help soften up the wallpaper and make it easy to take off. Follow a ratio of 1:1 when mixing fabric softener with the hot water.

Spray the Walls

With the use of your pump sprayer, start saturating the wallpaper. Spray the walls evenly and when the wallpaper starts to bubble up, start removing it. You can also use a steamer to help soften up the wallpaper adhesive.

Remove the Wallpaper

Now, it’s time to remove the wallpaper! So grab a wide putty knife and start scraping the wallpaper. Start at the seams and on the bubbling sections of the wall. Be very careful not to gouge the wall. If you’ve a very difficult to remove wallpaper, you might need to repeat the process several times until you’re able to remove the entire wallpaper.

The painter Bradenton, FL Process

Now that you have removed the wallpaper, you can start painting the wall. All the hard work you put into removing the old wallpaper might leave some pitting and scarring on your walls. So before you start painting, you might first need to smoothen up your walls. To do this, lightly sand any of the rough areas in your wall until they are smooth.

Once the walls are already smoothened up, check for any small damages, such as cracks and holes. Use a drywall mud to patch the walls and apply it using a putty knife. Fill up all the holes. Leave them to dry for a few minutes and sand the area to smoothen the surface.

Now that the surface is smooth, it’s time to apply a coat of latex primer using a paintbrush or a roller to prime the surface. Afterward, you can start painting the walls!