Used to add depth to cabinetry and furniture, chamfers are bevels usually cut at a 45-degree angle along an advantage. They may be cut on a table saw with the blade tilted or with a router fitted with a chamfer bit. Chamfers usually aren’t cut through the entire depth of a part and render some portion of the edge intact, revealing portion of the original 90-degree edge.

Chris Hill

This illustration shows 45-degree chamfers cut on the ends along with a plank. The chamfers are cut at exactly halfway through the board’s thickness.

Sticks and Stones Design Group inc..

A chamfer provides a detailed advantage to the white countertop on the ideal side of the photo.

Quartersawn Custom Cabinetry and Woodworks, LLC

Stopped chamfers add a fantastic amount of architectural interest to cabinetry. They create more places to add an antiqued and distressed appearance.

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