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Kitchens are generally the busiest rooms in the house. If your family includes children, you’re constantly keeping tabs on them when they’re studying or snacking and you’re cooking. A kid zone also yours, and may be a great solution for their needs. Below are some sensible design tips for producing a kid-friendly space in your kitchen.

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Kitchen islands may make great kid-friendly zones, since they tend to have at least one end that is not in your job zone, and they may be planned with your specific household’s needs in mind. I designed this kitchen for parents that home school their five children. The island is classroom central, and its own stools bleed under the overhangs when they’re not being used for studying or snacking.

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The back of the island leaves lots of room for elderly or taller children to pull up a counter stool and enjoy a healthier after-school bite. Counter-height seating won’t work well for smaller children who can’t — or should not — climb upward, or for wheelchair users.

I highly recommend having island seating or a kid zone where it won’t interfere with someone working in the range, wall ovens or primary kitchen sink.

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Shallow base cabinets make it easy for your children to achieve their cups, glasses and plates without needing to climb on a countertop to get items from a wall cabinet, or interrupt your dinner homework.

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A microwave works well for a kid zone, as it’s in their reach. This means older children can help themselves to snacks and reheat meals. Obviously, you should always track children .

Putting a microwave in the close of the island retains the child out of your workflow, creating a safer kitchen environment for your young one.

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Granite counters (or mini fridges) can also be ideal for your kid-friendly kitchen zone. This means your youngster can help him or herself into a drink after school or play without opening the primary fridge. You could even store healthy snacks such as carrot sticks and have them on hand for your child.

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Corian is an perfect countertop surface for a kid-friendly kitchen zone. It is stain-resistant, thus a grape juice spill won’t destroy it. It’s also a softer landing place compared to gems for eyeglasses or plates. On top of that, it’s repairable — just in case.

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A Silestone countertop with its nonporous surface and Microban protection is another great kid-zone countertop.


NUTID Induction cooktop – $999

If your kid zone is adjacent to a cooktop, I recommend an induction model as the safest, most kid-friendly cooking source. Just the surface directly above and next to the kettle or pan will heat up, so burn dangers drop considerably.

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Wolf 30″ Warming Drawer

If you’re uncomfortable with your children operating a microwave oven, then you could consider a warming basket as a kid-zone alternative. It means you may continue to keep their food warm for when they come home from school or other actions. Warming drawers are best for households with conflicting schedules. Everyone gets a hot meal when they come home from work, school, soccer or drama club.

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