Top Outdoor Deck Trends for 2018

Now that we are well and truly into 2018, it’s time to rethink the appearance of your Aurora landscaping and catch up on the current trends for this year in order to give them a new look and feel. It’s been a little while coming and we’ve got the the latest ideas and fresh innovations offered by decorators and designers this year.  

Whether your outdoor living space is in your front or backyard, this year’s trends are focusing on modern metal finishes for your Landscaping near me Redding Aurora keeping them sleek and simple so as to create clear, open views of what your outside area has to offer.

Distressed Decking

While blending the old with the new was a major trend for interior spaces in 2017, this year it’s all about applying it outdoors with a combination of distressed composite decking with metallic hardware finishes. For example, heritage decking lends a very rustic yet natural look to your outdoor space, and because the pattern only repeats every 12 inches, each board will be unique.

Alternatively, the Vista composition with its rich, vertical wood grain pattern can create the appearance of a tropical forest, especially in the backyard where you probably have more greenery. And, if you want to conceal your decking substructure, then you can use Facia to hide it with earthy colors that will surely add to the outdoor experience.

Whether you’re building your decking out back or porch in front, opting for the classic design with the rich colors and wood grain pattern is always a good choice. If it’s strength you’re after, then rather use Vault decking, especially if your decking is near water.

Deck Railing and Balusters

If you really want to keep with the trend of open views then you may not want or need to install these. While it’s no problem for decking that’s at Landscape Design level, you will have to add them to your decking project if it’s elevated in any way, for safety reasons.

Furthermore, adding metal or aluminum railings will ensure that you keep up with the latest trends, and whether it’s classic contemporary railing or cable railing, the effect will be the same. However, if you opt for balusters, you have the option of multiple metallic finishes to contrast with wooden posts and beams.

The Finishing Touches

This is where you can be creative with the design of your Aurora landscape. Your deck fasteners will help you to easily secure your boards, and because they’re hidden, will add to the illusion of space. You can also use post caps of cedar or ALX/aluminum to give your decking and porch that finishing touch that combines the old and new.

Plus, you can add personal touches at this stage to ensure your space is uniquely yours. The options are rich and variable, so get out there and start your project so you can enjoy your outdoor space as soon as possible.