10 Creative Fence Designs

Chalkboard walls, bubbled acrylic and perforated copper might not be the first fencing substances homeowners consider, but these bold choices add different curb appeal and style for this outdoor requirement. If updating your weapon is in your summertime to-do list, consider a unique approach. Beyond picket easy wooden slats and fences lies a range of applications and options.

Get inspired by the subsequent 10 photos to start reimagining your backyard fence.

Zeterre Landscape Architecture

Simple wooden planks take on new character when installed at various heights on a small curve.

Accent your weapon with materials. A chalkboard integrated into the fence will produce the lawn even more imaginative and engaging to your kids. And water is all it requires to keep it clean.

Randy Thueme Design Inc. – Landscape Architecture

OK, so this weapon doesn’t offer much privacy, but it will create a protective barrier around the pool out of curious little ones. Made from acrylic balls that are bubbled, an sophisticated allure is lent by the weapon.

Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture

Outdoor rock surrounds are nothing new, but this weapon — created from heaps of rock corralled with metal baskets known as gabions — feels sculptural and industrial.

Randy Thueme Design Inc. – Landscape Architecture

Think about mixing components rather than developing a fence out of 1 material. The perforated copper in this fence catches the eye with its metallic hue, while the timber keeps it from feeling over the surface.

Debora carl landscape layout

In this example, a wall fencing is divided with vertical rods. This solution is perfect if you want to have some privacy without obstructing a view.

WA Design Architects

A fencing can be more than simple wooden slats. Go glam with a rock fence and metallic gate mix, like this modern, statement-making example.

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Debora carl landscape layout

Instead of building the fence consider various heights in various spots. Go higher where you want to block a neighbor’s view, but go lower where you might catch a better glimpse of a day sunset.

David Lauer Photography

Change your wooden fencing by reversing the path of the planks. It’s an easy preinstallation design switch that lends a fresh appearance.

Shades Of Green Landscape Architecture

Are you tired with your wooden fencing, but do not necessarily want to start from scratch? Dress it up using metal panels to produce your fence an intriguing focal point instead of just a functional advantage.

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