Look: Violet’s Magical Nursery

While pregnant with her daughter Violet, Lauren Hufnagl desired to make the perfect nursery. Since she had been working with a small space on the floor of her house, she knew it would be difficult to make a nursery that made a balance between restful and serene and lively and stimulating — all without getting too busy. The solution was discovered in ease — Hufnagl stuck into a grown-up palette while accenting with unique accessories, and relying on a”less is more” mentality. “I love modern children’s layout,” she says. “But I was trying to keep a warm and cozy feeling.”

This chamber is located at the very top of Hufnagl’s house. The sloping lines of the roof prevented her from hanging wall art, so she made a mural instead. After painting the walls a gentle blue-gray, she brought the tree freehand, painted it with white latex paint, and also added gray fabric leaves with liquid cornstarch as the adhesive.

The dresser was a hand-me-down from among her family members. Originally this bit was all oak. Hufnagl painted the outside white and replaced with the knobs with chic metal-and-white pulls. The metal owl on the top was a present from a co-worker and his wife.

Interior colour: Prelude by Behr
Sheets: White fitted crib sheets from Target
Crib skirt: Carousel Designs
Crib: Babies R Us

Although it’s now a soothing mix of foggy gray-blue and pops of orange and white, this space started out as something very distinct. Before tackling this space, the walls were painted a glowing red-orange and beige, with a newspaper sports-themed border. After promptly repainting the space and placing in new hardwood flooring, cut, and beadboard, Hufnagl, that writes the blog With Two Cats, sat down and came up with a fresh concept for your space.

Stuffed fox: Sleepy King
Stuffed owl: leJeune
Letter”V”: Anthropologie
Bumper: Custom made by Rockytop Design

Hufnagl had the window seat cushion and the bumper custom produced by a design firm on Etsy. Those ended up being her main splurges for your nursery. She made up for this with all other finds: The cushions on the window seat are her own creations, and she purchased the glider (in perfect condition) in a neighbor’s yard sale for $5!

Window seat cushion: Custom made by Rockytop Design
Floor lamp: IKEA
Curtains: Urban Outfitters

The biggest challenge for Hufnagl and her husband was operating with such a small area. A nursery includes a lot of necessities, but they did not wish to space to eventually become overcrowded and stifled. This tiny nook became the ideal place for additional storage, and a fantastic reason for Hufnagl to finally display her print from Made By Girl.

Visit Hufnagel’s website, With Two Cats

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