Design Tastemaker: Daniel Schofield

While his appearance is definitively modern, Daniel Schofield’s design aesthetic echoes the mantra of those designers of yesteryear: above all else, quality over quantity. Schofield is a part of a growing movement of furniture designers and manufacturers, and his job highlights function, eco-friendliness, and playfulness.

Based in the uk, Schofield has begun to get attention in books worldwide. It’s easy to see why: His products have an almost childlike quality, but are made with a focus on detail and design that will endure for ages.

Daniel Schofield Design


Schofield loves to add elements of secrecy in his job, along with his Shifty desk is no exception. At first, you would assume the desk’s storage unit is located on front. Rather, the desk is designed so the storage area seems when you pull out the work surface, revealing a perfect place to store newspapers and other essentials.

Q: How did you begin in product design?
A:I began in graphic design, but I realized it was not hands-on enough for me personally. From there, I moved on to work as a magician, but this did not feel creative enough. Eventually, a friend mentioned that I’d enjoy furniture layout, and it only seemed to click directly away. I love designing merchandise and I’ve never return.

Q: What sort of changes do you see occurring in product design today?
A: I believe people have started to lean towards using more small materials, and need to know more about where the materials have come out of. People are becoming more conscious about their environmental effect, so for someone to purchase a product it has to have more of a goal and longevity.

Daniel Schofield Design


Peggy is a hook which will double duty. This quirky contraption is a clever means to hide clutter and hang up your coats. Add colour to your entryway with these vibrant hooks, and then nestle your keys, phone, wallet, and other knickknacks into the soft lamp-shaped pouches.

Q: Exactly what are you attempting to say with your own designs?
A: I suppose I am attempting to make functional products that are fun, and just nice to have around. I try to give my layouts character and character, whether that means giving it a secret, like Shifty, or trying to bring some humor to it, just like with Our Kid.

Q: How has your work evolved since you started?
A: I believe I’ve just discovered more about my own style of designing since I started. I don’t believe you ever stop learning, so I should be evolving. I just have to continue pushing myself to learn more.

Daniel Schofield Design

Our Kid

Our Kid was created with quality and durability in mind. Schofield wants to make furniture which hails back to the days when bits were intended to be passed from generation to generation. Our Kid is a quirky storage unit and side table using a title that is intended to make an emotional connection with people, urging them to hang onto it for as long as possible.

Q: What designers (both past and present) are you inspired by?
A: There are so many! I believe past people would include Eero Saarinen and Le Corbousier. I believe they were far ahead of the time. And as for the current, it changes daily! Some of my friends like James Uren and BeBenny do some really cool items. I saw loads of stuff in the London Design Festival that really inspired me also.

But I am most inspired by the things that I see in my travels and throughout the day. Things which you walk past in the road, or the way people behave are all really intriguing. Pieces of architecture, character, and things like this are what really get the cogs turning.

Q: What are some of your favourite new design trends?
A: I am really liking the use of humble materials and procedures. Some of the stuff in the up-cycling scene is really cool as well. I am also currently liking the dip-dyed appearance, and I am considering attempting to use it in a few of my own work.

Q: What are a few of the new favorite product lines?
A: I just watched De la Espada’s display at the London Design Festival that I really liked. I also love Tom Dixon’s Beat Lights along with his Exotic Seats are really cool.

All photographs courtesy of Daniel Schofield Design

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