Design School: Designing With Rectangles

So far this series, we have talked about embracing those curves and using repetition to create a statement. We’ve got rectangular shaping within our sights this week. Join us as we highlight a few attractively designed spaces that use squares and rectangles within their composition.

Divine Design+Build

Inside this area, the same long rectangular shape is replicated in the bathtub, carpeting, windows, towels and wall hangings. Employing the identical form in different sizes and shapes is cohesive but resists becoming matchy-matchy.

The Couture Rooms

Maintaining a rectangular shape does not need to mean repeating the exact same contour in a great number of places in your own room. In this instance, the architectural lines of the rectangular windows and floor planks are reinforced from the long window shade and square-back seats. Notice the way the seats are endorsed in a deep brownish tone to emphasize their contour.


This space also takes its inspiration in the window architecture. Notice the 3 different rectangular contours of the window panes. The large rectangle is mirrored in the large rectangular rug, while the smaller long rectangle is represented in the form of the coffee table. Even though details like these are not evident at first glance, they create a room seem put together and pleasing to the eye.

Ida Lifestyle

Here, there is a square silhouette the repeated element. The shape is reinforced without becoming gimmicky because it’s used in varying sizes and with varying materials. Notice the two crocheted bits on the seat have replicated square shapes in bright colours, but they’re styled differently.

This is actually the equivalent of dressing your loved ones for portraits in coordinating drapes rather than matching outfits. Jeans and white button-downs are out along with a thoughtful group of cohesive colours and contours is in!

Soledad Alzaga Interior Design

Another pleasing effect is to use one contour to direct the eye to a different similar form. In this picture, the rectangular table acts as a classic “T”, leading your eye straight towards the focal point of the fireplace. Both contours reflect the rectangular bump-out that accommodates the fireplace.

Hufft Projects

Here is an excellent example of rectangular repitition. Note the similar elongated rectangle of the countertops, cabinet drawers and mirrors. Even thought the mirror was placed vertically, the form and weight is still the same and matches the cabinetry flawlessly.

Habachy Designs

In this instance, the window form is augmented quite literally at the shaping of the mirror, sink and light.

Hufft Projects

Have you got intriguing rectangles or squares at the design of the area? Have you ever reinforced that contour to give your rooms goodwill? Try looking at your lighting fixtures, material choices and furniture pieces as chances to reflect and reinforce those rectangular shapings!

Embrace the Curve
Embrace Repetition

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