Why Is My Murray Elite Yard King Belt Not Turning?

The Murray Elite Yard King is an older model riding mower that uses a two-belt system. The motion drive belt is a rubber belt situated on the underbody of the mower also controls its forward movement, while the mower drive belt is on the removable mower deck and controls the rotation of the mower’s blades. Several causes can lie behind that either belt is sticking in position.

Improper Installation

If you have recently replaced the belt that refuses to move, then it is possible you have installed the belt improperly. Check the routing of the belt from your diagram contained in your operator’s manual to ensure that you didn’t miss any pulleys or belt guards after installing the belt. Make sure that the “V” portion of this belt is in contact with the pulley and not facing the opposite direction. If you have parts left over after the installment of the either belt, retrace your steps to find out where the additional components belong and install them properly.

Wrong Belt

Installing a wrong motion drive buckle or belt drive belt might get the belt not to rotate. A belt that is too small or too big in length or overly thin or overly thick in diameter will not operate the elements of the mower properly and might stick in position. Always access and use your model number if ordering or buying new belts. Consult your owner’s manual and purchase the suggested replacement belt instead of an off-brand substitute.

Disabling Debris

Over the years, an incredible amount of debris may collect underneath the mower, especially once you’ve been lax about performing proper cleaning. Dried San Diego grass and debris may stick between the mower belts as well as the hardware about which they are routed. Analyze the entire path of this stuck belt to ensure that a stone, wood chip or dried grass (Long Beach, CA) has not gathered and prevented the belt from its forward motion path. If there’s debris, remove it to enable the belt to resume its normal path.

Perturbed Pulleys

The old the Murray Elite Yard King mower isalso the more likely that you are dealing with defective components that have failed somewhere along the route of this belt. Mowers whose metal components are exposed to humidity may rust and refuse to flip. The motion drive belt routes across the stack pulley close to the front of the mower and the idler pulley close to the rear. The mower drive belt routes around the left and right mandrel pulleys and the idler pulley. Check each pulley to find that it is able to rotate on the pin to which it is attached. Otherwise, lubricate it or replace it, as required.