The way to Install a Scotts S1642 Belt

If the belt which drives the blades on your own Scotts S1642 lawn for example in Salt Lake City mower is slipping, it’s time to replace it. Worn belts stretch and don’t make sufficient contact with the pulleys to spin the blades. It’s easiest if you first remove the mower deck prior to replacing the belt. It appears to be a long procedure, but the entire installation only takes about 30 minutes.

Park your Scotts S1642 mower on a flat surface, such as a concrete hardwood flooring. Engage the parking brake, switch off the engine and remove the key.

Place a wooden block under the mower deck on every side. Move the deck lift lever to its lowest place so that deck is resting on the blocks. Before putting blocks under deck, ensure no components on the mower are moving.

Locate the motor pulley. Pull back on the left side of this metallic belt manual, attached to the motor pulley, to remove it from the bracket. Out it out of the way. Remove the belt from the motor pulley.

Disconnect the blade push lever from hardened frame by removing the cotter pin and washer from the tension rod close to the front of the mower deck.

Eliminate the left-front draft arm on the front of the mower by removing the cotter pin and washer on the end of the arm nearest the mower deck. Pull the arm out through the front axle bracket. Repeat for the right-front draft arm.

Eliminate the left-rear draft arm on the rear of the mower deck by removing the cotter pin from the bolt-like pin holding the draft arm to the tractor frame. Repeat for the right-rear draft arm.

Move the mower deck lift lever to its highest position so the rear draft arms, attached to the tractor frame, are lifted up from the way. Pull the mower deck from under the right side of this tractor.

Note the routing of the mower deck belt. Snap a digital picture that will assist you recall the right configuration.

Remove the belt guard located on top of the mower deck, by removing the cap screws from the guard with an Allen wrench. Decks which are 42-inch have one belt guard and two cap screws. Decks which are 46-inch have two belt guards and six cap screws.

Remove the belt from around all pulleys on the deck.

Install the new belt at its proper route.

Replace the belt guard(s) and reinstall the mower deck in inverse order of how they have been removed.