The best way to Hang Weights on a Cuckoo Clock

A manually cuckoo clock that is wound has weights that hold on the conclusion of the chains. The weights offer a counterbalance while the clock winds down. Cuckoo-clocks that were manual were created to use both three or two weights. The hour will be cuckooed by a cuckoo clock with two weights when the big hand is on the 1 2 and 6, as well as the chicken will be. A three- fat cuckoo clock will cuckoo and perform a melody on the hour when the big hand is on the 1 2 and 6, as well as the chicken will be.

Install the wall hook-in the location that is specified. Hang the cuckoo clock on the wall hook.

The fat hooks on the ends of the chains hanging under the the cuckoo clock. The fat hooks are little circles of steel that seem like washers that are tiny. The circles are big enough to spot the hook on the very top of the fat.

Hold one of the fat hooks between your thumb and fore finger. Follow the chain up to the base of the cuckoo clock. Locate the reverse conclusion of the chain that is same. Let go of the fat hook. Pull the reverse end of the chain before the weight hook is around 3″ in the base of the clock. Repeat the procedure using the chains.

Hang the weights on the fat hooks. Position the fat therefore the hook on the very top of the fat are at a 30-degree angle in the weight hook. Slide the conclusion of the hook. Till it hangs in the weight hook gently reduce the end-of the fat. Repeat the procedure using the weights. There isn’t any order to to hold the weights. When hanging weights a specific purchase is needed. Two weights weigh the fat and the same is more heavy. Place the most heavy weight on the fat hook that’s farthest to the proper when facing the cuckoo clock.

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