Things You Must Know About Installing a Fence

Having a nice fences at the edge of your yard is more than just about marking your territory or space where your property ends and your neighbor’s house begins. It’s also about safety and expressing your style and preferences.

If you’ve got a few hours to spare this weekend and would like to install your fence, read on for some helpful tips.

Let It Set before You Seal

If you’ve just installed a wooden fence repair, you shouldn’t seal it until it has completely dried out. This allows the wood to first absorb the finishes that were applied to it by the manufacturer, and there’s no point in smearing your wooden fence with a fancy product if it’s not going to have the desired effect. However, once the fence has dried out, you can then apply whatever you want; paint, varnish, preservatives, or whatever sealant you’re using to keep the wood in good condition.

You Have to Protect the Pool

A pool and a fence go together like peanut butter and jelly. Seriously though, the requirement to seal your home with a fence when you have a pool is a real thing. Look it up. It’s probably in your local laws and policies somewhere.

Hang It on Solid Hinges

When installing a wrought iron fence, invest in heavy-duty hinges that are solid enough to handle the weight of a fence gate. They should be weatherproof as well so that they don’t rust or come apart in harsh weather conditions. Remember that your fence needs to last you a long time, so make it sturdy.

The Good Side of the Fence Should Face the Neighbors

It makes sense that your neighbors don’t want to stare at your fence’s moldy wood rails all day, so the bad side of the fence should face your house, while the good-looking side faces your neighbors. Your neighbors will appreciate the thoughtfulness, and you can spruce up your side of the wall to look better. Besides, fencing contractors tend to cause trouble between neighbors when this rule isn’t applied, so save yourself the trouble and do the right thing.

Sink Posts below the Frost

Fence posts are an essential element to ensuring the safety and sturdiness of your fence, which is why you need to have them at least two feet in the ground Salt Lake City or one-third of the post’s length so that they’re firmly in place. Your local codes should have something to say about how deep in the ground Fresno fences should be as well, so double check to make sure that you’re in compliance.

Know Your Lines

Get a property surveyor to help you figure out where your property lines are, so that you can install the fence along the correct lines and not on someone else’s property.

Build Your Fence to Last

Choose a fence company that’s made from good quality materials, and find out how it works and how to maintain it so that it’s able to withstand different challenges while keeping you and your family safe and secure.