The best way to Glue Wood Trim into a Tile Hearth

The hearth is usually the primary function in your area, and re-modeling it may seem a bit challenging, but the completed item can add warmth and beauty to your own home. Including some comprehensive wood trim, although covering the fireside with tile not only updates the look of your fire-place can give that professional finish to it. It is possible to glue wood trim to the tile fireplace to accomplish your project as opposed to breaking tiles when trying to to install the trim once your tile is placed.

The area of your tile fireplace to remove any grime and particles. Use water and mild soap on the tiles, rinse and wipe them dry with paper towels.

Cut and measure your wood trim to to match the places you want to protect on the fireplace. Double-check your measurements to make sure your trim matches the places and lay out the trim in the order you intend to do the installation.

Apply a bead of task adhesive developed to to stick wood to tile over the trunk of a bit of wood trim. Press the trim from the tile and maintain it in place for approximately five minutes.

Pull the trim in the tile hearth. Allow glue and the trim before putting it back in to place on the fireplace, to rest. The wood trim is in the correct place. Use masking tape to to keep it to the fireplace.

Attach by repeating the actions, the bits of wood trim to the tile fireplace. Remove the tape after six hrs.

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