Instructions for Alternative Furnace Blower Motors

The furnace of a home has lots of abuse through the chilly wintry period; while warming the residence elements including the blower motor should be in continuous movement. As time passes, the furnace blower motor can become worn from age and lack of lubrication, creating a significant reduction in air motion that is warm through the duct work of the home’s. Replacing the motor is a sensible answer to a furnace equipment that is ailing.

Preparing the Furnace

The blower motor is generally hardwired to the main electrical supply of the home’s. Consequently, you may need to turn off the circuit-breaker in the panel that supplies the energy requirements of the furnace. Touching the elements of the furnace using the power-on can cause electrocution. When the energy is switched off off, it is possible to use a non-contact circuit tester right in the event the circuit is live or off by pressing the tester from the wires, you will be instantly told. Only once you verify that there’s no risk of of shock should any function happen on the assembly of the motor.

Blower Assembly Elimination

The blower motor is usually concealed behind the protecting cover that was outside of the furnace; it resembles a little barrel on its side with three wires. After noting the wire colour connections of the motor to the furnace it is possible to cut or eliminate the wires from their relationship level. Each producer has a wire link method that is diverse, therefore it might be required to consult the furnace guide that is particular for more details. The blower assembly may be held by two to four bolts to the principal human anatomy of the furnace, depending on the design. It is possible to slide the blower assembly in the furnace as soon as you remove the bolts.

Motor Elimination

The motor it self is nevertheless fixed to the the inner of the blower assembly. Should you identify the wheel inside the blower of the motor, you’ll observe a setscrew keeping the wheel to the exterior assembly. Removing the screw that is set and also the mount screws of the motor will let you pull the motor it self from your blower assembly. This motor element is the portion that have to be replaced.

Replacement Motor Details

The motor needs to be installed in the buy of the elimination procedure. However, you ought to verify the motor is suitable for the blower assembly by matching its specs together with the aged motor. Horsepower motor diameter and pace, rotation path should be the sam-e values for the motor to function properly. The furnace could be powered on in the circuit-breaker to confirm that it runs usually after the motor is installed inside the blower assembly.

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