Show Your Skin: Leather Accents Lend a Subtle Edge

I really like leather shoes and leather purses, but when it comes to leather in my house, I could handle only so much. In the 10 years I’ve been a decorator, I’ve set up only two leather sectionals — and that’s since the customers specifically asked them. As sturdy and low maintenance as leather may be, I simply don’t find leather furniture comfy to snuggle up in — but that’s just me.

Of course, leather still makes a fantastic accent. Its raw texture may add warmth to any house design. Below I’ll show you just how to bring leather to your house in tiny doses.

Balli Interior Design

If you’re like me and would rather snuggle on a sectional made from fabric, add some leather throw pillows.

Zimmerman Interiors

Give an old-fashioned trunk a timeless upgrade with leather handles and edges. This trunk makes for a fashionable coffee table which doubles the surface and storage space in the living room.

Hint: You can buy leather grips to add to a trunk or coffee table with drawers. As with cabinets, if the trunk or table has holes drilled for handles, make sure your handles measure accordingly.

A good leather belt is a wardrobe staple which adds a traditional touch to any ensemble. Bring this exact same easy look to your house with strappy leather accents on upholstery.

I love the way the belt-style strap holds the pillow in place within this room. This could be a simple DIY project: Just drill four holes run fitting belts through and secure them in place.

Josh Wynne Construction

Cabinets and appliances often take centre stage in the kitchen, but if you’re willing to push the envelope, then using leather pulls as hardware will include a few advantage.

Hint: Keep in mind that greasy and wet palms will constantly touch these addresses. Using regular household cleansers will not be an option; leather grips may require special cleaning and detailing.

Mad About Your House

Adding leather grips is one of the easiest DIY projects you can handle. Quantify the existing holes for handles, and purchase or make new leather pulls to screw into position.

Hint: Leather handle and pull prices start as low as $8 per handle, but can run as large as $100 per handle, so be mindful about your purchases, especially in case you’ve got a lot of drawers and cabinets.

See how this London homeowner used leather onto her Ikea cabinets

Elizabeth Holmes Design

Vinyl delivers the look of leather in a lower cost. This designer utilized two different colors of vinyl to make playful handles to get an Ikea storage unit in a kids’ room.

Economy Interiors

Leather poufs unite a contemporary piece with a traditional substance. They are also great since they’re able to perform double duty as a footrest or seating.

Vintage Renewal

Should you crave the look of leather onto a more traditional ottoman, think about adding one in a living room to double as seating and a coffee table. This leather ottoman adds a masculine feel to a room with powerful feminine touches.

Tell us : Are you a lover of large leather bits, or have you added leather in smaller doses?

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