10 Ways to Cozy Up the House for Fall

In the very first crisp morning and the first leaves that change colors to the very first night you want to put an excess blanket on the bed, signs of collapse beckon us to spend more time inside. Satisfy your desire to nest while sparing your wallet with these 10 easy, elegant and, needless to say, cozy touches for every room. Whether you are looking for an instant change (throw a plaid blanket on your table) or something more durable (install DIY shelving), here you’ll find inspiration to get your creative juices flowing.


1. Give an old quilt a new intent. As you would not want to consume on Grandma’s priceless heirloom, vintage quilts picked up at thrift stores can make fabulous tablecloths. Place clean it between uses and give it a full wash only when really needed.

The Brick House

2. Craft DIY shelving. Why spend big dollars on a fancy industrial-style shelving unit as soon as you can make your own with basic equipment from the hardware store? Check out the tutorial for the piece shown here on The Brick House and this comparable industrial shelving project.

Designs by Gollum

3. Utilize a plaid blanket as a tablecloth. A little, round table is the best spot for displaying your favorite autumn colors and textures in the kind of a cozy blanket. Allow the blanket drape to the ground — pristine is what you are going for this. Top it with a bunch of little picture frames or place a big item, such as an abysmal or a lamp, at the center.

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4. Screen fall gourds the tasteful way. Want to try something besides the typical piles of pumpkins this season? Pick up at least five or six large ornamental gourds for an abundant screen — look for the sort with tasteful, swan-like necks — and line them up down the center of your table. What could be simpler?

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5. Scour autumn flea markets for original artwork. Classic portraits and landscapes from unknown artists are often affordable. Choose one to accent, or collect artwork around a theme and produce a gallery wall.

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6. Paint your stairs a shade that is daring. Who states stairs have to be dull? If you have plain wooden stairs, particularly if the timber is not in particularly good condition, consider painting them magenta, navy, mustard … or some other color you love.

That is a bold look, so if you are feeling wary, try it on a back stairway or in a tight stairwell — not on the front-and-center entrance stairs.

Flights of Fancy: Painted Stair Runners

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

7. Utilize classic fabrics as upholstery. Though the sectional shown this was custom made, you can draw inspiration from this look to revamp your own sofa, chair or cushions using vibrant vintage textiles, including rugs. If you are DIY educated, you could attempt to re-cover upholstery or cushions, make cozy pillow covers or simply wrap chair cushions in fabrics for a temporary shift.

If you want to use classic rugs in your furniture, then have them professionally cleaned. Or you can carefully wash vintage fabrics yourself by gently agitating them by hand in a bathtub of lukewarm water with a gentle soap. Rinse and air-dry them prior to using.

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8. Get attractively organized. Bring some glamour to your morning routine by placing the items that you use daily atop pretty trays. There’s no need to buy new fittings just peek in your kitchen cabinet or china hutch, and catch a few pieces you have not utilized in a while.

In the event that you really want to go the additional mile, scoop up a couple of little glass containers at the craft store and decant your favorite toiletries.

9. Style your kitchen. Corral jars of pretty preserves and artisanal cocktail makings onto a tray, bring in a real table lamp for a soft glow, and place something sculptural and also a little unexpected (like the antler shown here) atop a top shelf.

We tend to cook and much more in the kitchen throughout the autumn and winter, so why not make it an area that feels as warm and cozy as the remainder of your dwelling?

Tray Chic: Turn an Regular Item Into Decor

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10. Paint your front door. It is the very first thing that you see when you come home each day — why not make it gorgeous? A couple of coats of a rich color that matches the color of your siding, and a shiny new door knocker, can totally alter the front of your house for under 50 bucks.

Guides to great door colors

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