How to Rid Gas From a Oil Tank to a Lawnmower

Like your car, your lawnmower wants gas and petroleum to operate properly throughout its existence. Contrary to your car, however, the gas and oil fill holes on lawnmowers tend to be much closer together. Pouring gas into the oil fill tank is an unfortunate mistake, but none that is hard to remedy. Draining and refilling the oil tank a couple of times will get rid of the diluted oil and allow you to get mowing before your San Diego grass gets out of control.

Disconnect the spark plug in your lawn (San Diego, CA) mower and secure the lead away from the spark plug.

Wipe away any grass or other debris from your oil drain plug. Use a wet cloth and some elbow grease to remove tough, stuck-on debris. On most mowers, the oil drain plug is below the deck. Wiping debris away from the drain plug helps shield your crankcase from getting contaminated.

Cover the work area with a few layers of newspaper or cardboard to protect your work surface.

Place an oil pan under the oil drain plug to capture the diluted oil.

Remove the drain plug by turning it counterclockwise. For some mowers, you might have to use a socket wrench for this; yet others may only require your hand, along with even a screwdriver or allen wrench.

Replace the drain plug and refill your oil fill tank with clean, fresh oil. Check your owner’s manual for the right type and quantity of petroleum.

Drain the oil again and repeat the process until your oil no more smells of gasoline.