Desert Rose Rock Landscaping

Desert rose (Adenium obesum) creates 1-inch-long tropical blossoms in pink, rose or white. In warm climates, U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 9 through 11, the trumpet-shaped flowers bloom all year. This plant reaches up to 5 feet tall using the lower portion of the trunk swelling to half its height. With the ideal care, this plant lives for centuries. This succulent makes an attractive addition to stone landscape.


Desert rose plants require warm temperatures year-round. This succulent initially comes from tropical and sub-tropical area of the Middle East and Africa. To survive, the desert rose must be protected from temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Consider growing in a container rather than planting it in the ground in the stone landscape. Put wheels on large plant pots to make it easier to move.


Place the desert climbed in just as much direct sunlight as you can. This plant works well in southern facing areas. This succulent tolerates some afternoon shade in hot areas, but too much shade lowers the amount of blossoms.


Desert roses requires dry locations. Too much water causes the roots to decay. Keep the plant dry during the winter while the plant isn’t actively growing. Water once the soil gets completely dry in summer. Don’t plant in areas with standing water or drainage issues.


The desert rose grows best in a mixture of sand or stone chips and potting soil. Commercial cactus soil mixture works well when growing in containers. In ideal circumstances, create a mound of rubble and cover the soil mixture. This guarantees that the desert rose has plenty of drainage in the stone garden.

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