What’s the Tool That you set on the Bar of the Chain Saw to Sharpen the Chain While It Is Running?

When your chain saw blades get boring — as they inevitably do after a brief cutting job — you’ll need to choose the time to sharpen them once more. Since chain saws have lots of small blades angling out in a number of directions, it can be a lengthy procedure to sharpen each one using a manual file. That’s why a few producers have come up with a simpler method called a “bar mount sharpening system”

A Simple Name

As the name implies, bar mount sharpening systems permit you to maintain your chain on the chain saw bar, saving you the step of removing the chain. You will normally clamp the “system” to the end or middle of your bar, secure the system in place and then turn on your chain saw. Various brands operate somewhat differently; some need you to hold onto a handle while the chain runs above the sharpening blades. Other brands require you to utilize pressure and hold the machine against a solid surface to find the blades to make contact using the sharpener. In any case, after a couple of minutes, you’ll have a sharp chain.