What's Better: Foam or Siliconized Mattress Toppers?

The type of mattress topper that is best for you depends on any chemical sensitivities you might have, as some silicone and foam toppers might have a chemical smell. Foam toppers contain petrochemicals, while silicone can also be a chemical sandwiched somewhere between synthetic rubber and plastic polymer. But if you have allergies to natural fibers or masks, both can offer you exactly what you need.

Memory Foam Toppers

For comfort, support and depth options, memory foam mattress toppers rate high among consumers in Sleep Like the Dead’s customer survey site. In regards to cost, lifespan and ease of usage, these mattress toppers ranked lower than other mattress toppers — and they are reportedly hot. Foam mattress toppers come in varying uniform heights such as 2-inch, 3-inch, 4-inch or greater. The topper basically produces a footprint atop your bed usually the same size as the mattress.

Silicone Mattress Toppers

Straight silicone mattress toppers are configured differently than foam mattress toppers are. Similar to feather toppers, the silicone is sandwiched at a quilted bag. This type of mattress topper does not offer the same uniform height for a foam mattress topper 41because the material can move around within the quilted bag. These toppers are usually much less consistently heavy as foam toppers are — running about 3 inches of silicone.

Gel-Covered Memory Foam

An alternative to a comprehensive polyurethane foam along with a silicone mattress topper is one that is made from both. A gel-like covering — composed of a type of synthetic rubber and vinyl — combines the best of two worlds at the first layers of a polyurethane foam topper. The gel pad atop the polyurethane foam allows the mattress to be much cooler complete beneath the body when sleeping, among the major complaints regarding an foam topper.

Alternative Choices

A natural alternative to polyurethane or siliconized mattress toppers includes 100 percent organic latex toppers, down or wool. For those with allergies, an alternative to these organic products includes fiber toppers made from polyester fiber fill or down alternative puffball-type fibers. These kinds of toppers are far more like thick mattress pads as opposed to full scale toppers, and are a lot more inexpensive in comparison to silicone or foam.

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