What is In Your Winecellar?

I had been striving to determine the best way to arrange and decorate a small wine cellar my partner assembled in an integral part of our basement that is the the extent of a substantial cabinet after I joined Houzz, in the past in November 2008.

After investing lots of time using the pictures, I made a decision to take a course I had not noticed everywhere. I am in the method of papering the walls which don’t have ledges with amusing photos of buddies – the sort of photos that are too wild for Face Book (they are maybe not actually THAT insane – my buddies and I avoid placing anything even slightly contentious on Face Book). It seems fantastic.

I understood yesterday, however, that t had been some time since I Had perused the winecellar pictures here on Houzz, and I used to be interested to find out what was new. I am happy I did, also, since there are a few truly excellent wine cellar thoughts here:

I am unsure when the walls are glass, how humidity and temperature handle function – whether it’s it is less easy than with typically insulated partitions – but this glassed in cabinet seems excellent.

Kessick Wine Cellars

I really like the brick as well as this arch – it feels therefore large.


Iron work and wine cellars appear to really go hand in hand. These walls that are complex are wonderful.

I ‘ve no space in my own house for one, although a soft place for riddling stands. A big riddling stand will be an excellent addition to any bg winecellar.

For me in the winecellar, Oriental rugs only work for some purpose – they match.

JMA (Jim Murphy and Associates)

I wish I had the the room to get a lengthy tasting dining table such as this one

Jay Hargrave Architecture

I believe this chamber is really cool – I am that I really like how the room seems only a little such as the interior of the Matrix and envious of all storage.

Jay Hargrave Architecture

And I really like the way these glass partitions show off that Matrixy appear.

Design Construct Consultants Inc.

In a winecellar, the ceiling is prime decorating room (since the partitions are often covered with bottles).

InterDesign Studio

I love the way these ledges are set back in the wall, producing the semblance of space in the chamber itself.

I totally adore the thought of a vintage card catalog as wine storage device.


This chamber, in all it is gothic play, would be a fantastic setting for a supper party. Particularly a social gathering on Halloween.