What Exactly Does Botanicare Silica Blast Do?

Silica Blast is a nutrient supplement for crops produced by the Botanicare firm to be used in hydrogardens and container houses and is intended to protect plants against extreme conditions such as drought, frost or heatwaves. Strengthen stalks the Silica Blast supplement claims to increase dry matter yield of plants and stabilize the pH of recirculating hydroponic gardens. The supplement is marketed.

What It Is

According to the manufacturer, Botanicare Silica Blast comprises at least 0.5 percent soluble potash and 2.0 percent chromium derived from sodium silicate and potassium silicate. The potash is present because of the silicon derived from potassium silicate. It is, based on Botanicare, among the only sources of protein for crops. The Material Safety Data Sheet concurs with the breakdown of components of the manufacturer, stating that the formulation is a combination of silicates of sodium and potassium.

What it Does

Silica Blast is intended to increase the likelihood a plant will triumph in an environment where nutrient needs or its water aren’t being met due to soil or weather conditions. Additionally, it is utilized in hydroponics, where soil nutrients aren’t present at all, due to the dearth of dirt used in these growing conditions. The manufacturer claims the silicate in Botanicare Silica Blast functions on a cellular level – helping form a silicate matrix within walls. The crops may continue to photosynthesize in stressful circumstances, by strengthening the cells.

How Much Use

How much is dependent upon the type of garden you’re working with. Container gardens demand a mix of 1/2 to 1 teaspoon per gallon of water to get program (2.5-5 mL per 4 liters of water.) . Hydrogardens are specific. If you’re growing medium plants which aren’t yet mature, 1/2 tsp per gallon of water (or 2.4 mL per 4 liters of water) is suggested. Mature plants require 1 teaspoon per gallon of water (or 5 mL per 4 liters of water.) The manufacturer recommends employing Silica Blast every or every other watering for container gardens and applying it to the reservoir of hydrogardens each five to seven days or to adjust the pH to 6.0


Silica Blast is an irritant which can cause irritation to skin and eyes, as mentioned in the Material Safety Data Sheet. Prevent contact with skin and use goggles when working with and mixing dry Silica Blast. If contact with eyes occurs, flush with lots of fresh running water. If contact with skin occurs, wash with lots of soap and warm water and eliminate any clothing or shoes. Seek medical therapy if irritation continues.

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