The best way to Prune an Outdated Leggy Rhododendron

Resist in the event your name is being called by the chain-saw in your garage. That eye-sore of a rhododendron warrants better — even supposing it’s just plain unpleasant, lanky and tall. Rhododendron is a huge genus of crops, although it can grow in Sunset zones at the same time developed best-in Sunset Climate Zones 3 to 4, 1 5 to 17 and 32 to 4-2. With a few tender Stump Removal, it is possible to change your outdated, leggy rhododendron right into a complete, shrub that is flourishing.

Prune woody old and unproductive wood. Thin out the heart of the rhododendron to improve sunlight coverage This assists the middle of the plant Boise generate flowers and new growth. Cut branches back to your parent branch or just above a bud that is healthy. Don’t trim over one-third of a rhododendron in the pruning.

Cut back new development in fall and the spring. Pinch development again to just above an outward-facing leaf bud. The plant will branch out at this time to inspire a fuller rhododendron.

Prune the following year in a manner that is similar. It may take as much as three years to change a rhododendron that is leggy right into a complete specimen.

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