The best way to Cut Ceiling Joists for Fans

Fans offer an energy-preserving solution for houses in locations with high day-time temperatures, low-humidity, and cooling . As an alternative to running an air conditioner in overnight and the night, it is possible to turn the attic fan on to to create the air that is cooler in-doors — at one fifth the price. Many types of of attic fans are created both to to perch atop an heart joist, or to to match within current joists 16 or 24 inches on-center. Other versions need you reduce out to to create a basic box to contain the the attic fan also a joist.

Identify a reasonable place that places the lover in the middle of the home. Mark the lover to be accepted by the section of ceiling dry wall louvers, centering it on a joist established using an electronic stud finder. Mark the louver corners centered on the template supplied on the attic fan’s delivery box. A hole using a ¼-inch drill bit at every corner.

Check the location in the attic demarcated by the drillholes to produce sure it’s clear of pipes and electrical cables. Look for adequate clearance over the ceiling to to allow for the depth of the body for the fan blades. Roll again the ceiling joists to be revealed by insulation batts. On whether an attic fan is recommended in the event the insulation is loose-fill, consult together with the producer.

Return to the Landscaping below the location and mark the louver location using a straightedge as well as a pencil. Score the lines using a utility knife. Saw out the dry wall piece using a dry wall saw and set it apart.

Return to the attic. Mark measure and cut using a reciprocating saw the joist, cutting straight back an additional 1 ½ inches in the drywall edges to account fully for the headers you’ll create. Measure the the length involving the current uncut joists and minimize two-pieces of 2inch lumber, matching the the scale of the ceiling joists, act as headers and to to suit. Bang the headers in to placement. Check the headers are vertical, utilizing a 1-2-inch spirit-level.

Therefore the headers fall into line completely using the edges of joists apply clamps. Nail 12d through in to the ends of the headers.

The ends of the cut joist to the headers. Nail 12d nails through the ends of the cut joist. the headers into After you’ve cut and boxed the ceiling joists, continue to create a system or plenum and install the attic lover per manufacturer’s directions.

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