The best way to Apply Rubber Roofing Seam Tape

Rubber roofing is usually applied on roofs. More or two rubber mats are laid alongside, one that has a top-sheet overlap seam flap. Tape is laid all the way down to join them in the flap. In many instances, rubber roofs are reliable and strong, however they’re able to create a leak. The only other location to get a leak to to happen is in the seam unless there’s a puncture someplace in the membrane. Before being put on the industry to attain the best sales price any property that leaks will require to be fixed.

Flip on the top-sheet overlap seam flap from the side it’s going to join. Once it’s been flipped over, it should be laying flat.

The region using a stiff-bristle broom. Remove dust, all dirt and particles in the area.

Use the primer activator adhesive to the flipped over the location as well as seam flap where the seam flap will lay on another bit of rubber. Use a 3 inch stiff-bristle brush and use the activator liberally to either side.

Allow the activator to dry completely before continuing.

Lay down the seam tape where the rubber has been coated by the activator, opposite the seam flap. Pull off the wax-paper coating on one side as you unroll it and press it into place. Begin in the begin of the seam and work your strategy to the finish, pressing back on the tape most of the way.

Walk to the other on the tape from end, or use a 2 inch roller.

Flip the seam flap on the seam tape. Lay the flap down on the tape because of its entire length. This aspect of the tape will be covered in wax-paper therefore it will not be adhered to by the flap.

Where it commences begin peeling the waxpaper strip tape. Reach under the the flap and pull out the tape. Gently seat the flap on the tape, as you do this. It will not need to to put up securely a-T this level, it wants to stay in in spot.

Work the right path down the whole seam pulling the waxpaper off while seating the flap in to placement covering.

Begin a-T a conclusion and use A2-inch roller to press the seam flap in to spot. Work the roller on the flap utilizing a 90-diploma or perpendicular movement. Press and function the right path across the complete flap.

Roll down the amount of the whole seam to the other in one finish. As you go, press.

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