Table Settings for a Three-Course Lunch

More casual than a formal dinner, a table setting is suitable to get a lunch. When serving keep the amount of plates and utensils.

Basic Table Setting

Place a luncheon plate in the middle of the table setting. Forks go to the left together with the main fork beside the salad and the plate fork near it. A knife with the blade facing the plate goes on the right. Spoons for dessert and soup go to the right of this knife. Place over spoon and the knife.

Additional Items

A placement is not although A napkin is a necessity for any meal. Try it on top of the plate or to the remaining forks depending on taste. Other developments you may want to add are a tablecloth for a backdrop for a place mat and the place setting to present a look to the arrangement. Keep the nature of the meal in mind when choosing those pieces’ material.

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