On Trend: Antique Rugs to Dye For

A wave of classic Turkish rugs in surprising colours has landed on our shores, and interior designers are utilizing them in areas from traditional to modern. The carpets are well-worn antiques which have been redyed in eye-catching bold hues, tasteful grays and even black, to freshen up the appearance and mix new and old. “Overdyed rugs are among my favorite ways to add a pop of color to a room,” says interior designer Melanie Coddington. “They’re a fresh, modern take on the classic rug.”

“These carpets are true antiques from Turkey, and they’ve naturally worn over time,” explains interior designer Emily Basham-Hoelscher of Urbanspace Interiors. “They sometimes further distress them using resources to make them more interesting, then they use organic vegetable dyes to get the deep pigment” Each rug is a unique work of art. Take a peek at how performers are finding just the best overdyed classic rugs for a vast array of rooms and fashions.

Callaway Architects

Vibrant pinks and purples amp the colour in this transitional dining area. The patchwork pattern divides the scale of the massive area rug to smaller pieces.

“The patchwork assortment are stitched together and can be customized with colour sewing,” Basham-Hoelscher says.

Urbanspace Interiors

The carpets work well with just about any fashion. “They work superbly in more traditional settings, because they have the decoration and history of the originals but add a unique touch,” Basham-Hoelscher says. “And they are amazing in modern surroundings, because of their vibrant, graphic character and nod into the past.”

Similar carpets accessible through Urbanspace Interiors.

Reiko Feng Shui Design

Urbanspace Interiors

Tip: When looking for a patchwork overdyed classic rug, Basham-Hoelscher recommends locating one in which you can see the stitches at the top. “If the stitching is beneath, it can produce embarrassing puckering,” she says.

Elad Gonen

Coddington Design

“I picked this emerald-green rug since I loved how it complemented the hues in the curtains and wallpaper with no too matchy,” Coddington says.

Coddington Design

The rug also stands up to the wear and tear of a toddler and a dog, and is not difficult to maintain in this family residence.

Shirley Meisels

Interior designer Shirley Meisels loves these carpets for many reasons. “I really like the colours, and they seem great with traditional furnishings,” she says. “They also comparison warm and with up modern surroundings”

Shirley Meisels

Meisels also notes that they are great at hiding dirt, making them her favorite choice for entrances and other areas with a great deal of foot traffic.

Linda McDougald Design | Postcard from Paris Home

Basham-Hoelscher notes that these rugs have worn well for many, many decades, and since they are made from wool, will last for several more. “The only place I would not recommend is bathrooms or outside,” she says.

Similar carpets accessible through Postcard in Paris.

What do the experts say to people who wholeheartedly think the classic version is better? Besides “To each his own,” Basham-Hoelscher adds: “Many of our clients and customers believe that they get the quality of something made so well that it’s stood the test of time, but also has had new life into it” It is a unique combination of new and old that matches today’s variety of fashions.

Similar carpets accessible through Urbanspace Interiors.


Patchwork Rugs Produced From Overdyed Vintage Turkish Carpets

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