Modern Images: The Egg Seat

For awhile there I discovered myself always mixing up the Uterus Seat as well as the Egg Seat. I believed it had been only the reproduction- names, but it seems that the Egg Seat could have inspired. I guess that indicates the chicken came before the egg! Arne Jacobsen in 1958 designed the Egg Seat for the reception of The Royal SAS Hotel in Copenhagen, which produced that 1958 Danish Radisson the fashionable Radisson ever!


The Egg Seat gets along really well with all the Noguchi Espresso Table.

A leather Egg Seat is an excellent manly touch in this office at home.

Peter Tow

In this image you can definitely feel how snug and enveloping the Egg can be (excellent event) and in addition, it shows off just how sculptural and delightful its kind is.

Dirk Denison Architects

The Egg can do white and clear really nicely.

This designer has curated a great mixture of contemporary pieces that have been definitely made with this attic that was open and light.

BKSK Architects

This large green Egg controls lots of favorable focus in this cozy and contemporary family area.

Steeldaisy Associates

Notably when paired using a coordinated ottoman, the Egg Chair is an excellent reading seat in a bedroom.

I I stumbled upon this Egg Seat on the Modern Atlanta Tour of Houses. I I can not suggest this tour enough. It is worth trekking around town to reach on all of the houses on the tour

Aspect Notice: Is Not this arrangement of FLOR carpet tiles amazing?!

Paul Anater

Egg Seats aren’t only for grown-ups! That one is the ideal option to get an enjoyable and graphically fearless children’s chamber.

Aspect Notice: The custom background is by Offered Campbell.

David Churchill – Architectural Photographer

I am dating myself here, however there’s some thing really “is it stay, or is it Memorex?” about this picture!