Installing Ceiling Tile Above a Popcorn Ceiling

Protect them in the event you are fed up with searching in the pop corn ceilings in your house. Polystyrene or styrofoam tiles are available in a big selection of colors and fashions that let you customize your ceilings to reflect your character. Verify that there aren’t any soft, broken places in the pop corn ceiling before installing the Styrofoam tiles. Whether there are, you have to remove the pop corn before continuing to install the ceiling tiles by scraping it off.

Turn off electricity to the room’s ceiling fixture in the breaker box. Dismantle the ceiling fan the fixture and/or. Set them in a location that was secure so you can reinstall them.

Clean the ceiling’s area. Use a vacuum or a broom to eliminate any cobwebs. Wipe any places in the ceiling using a moist cloth. Allow the ceiling time to dry.

Measure the size of every wall of the area and mark its mid-point on the ceiling. Create a chalk-line that connects partitions that are parallel. Where the line crosses, which ought to be to the junction box of lover or the ceiling light, is the middle stage of the ceiling. Check that the crossed lines produce 45-degree angles utilizing a carpenter’s angle. If they don’t, rechalk the lines.

Apply adhesive to the rear of a full- tile in to 3″ in diameter. 2 mounds around 1 1/2 inch-thick and Clear silicone caulking using a gun or use tile mastic using a putty knife. Place a mound of adhesive on all the corners on the backside of the tile and in the mid-point along each edge. Place the last mound of adhesive at the center of the tile. Set the adhesive significantly enough in the edges of the tile in order that it doesn’t ooze out when you press the tile in to place.

Press the tile on the ceiling. Apply adhesive to the following tile, then press it in to position with one edge contrary to the tile still another edge over the chalkline and which you just put. Place adhesive on a tile that was third set its edge because quadrant as well as the edge of the tile contrary to another leg of the chalkline.

Continue environment tiles. Depart them for now, in the event the tiles over the edge need cutting. Set the tiles in the remaining three quadrants.

Measure just how much you really need to cut far from an edge tile. Lay the tile on a flat area. Place a straight edge instrument over the line. Draw a utility knife across the fringe of of the straight edge to slice the the tile in a straightline. Take treatment to not cut the surface beneath the the tile. Apply established the tile set up and adhesive. Repeat for every one of the edge tiles.

Run a bead of obvious silicone caulking between every one of the joints to seal the Styrofoam tiles and also to fill any gaps.

Use a utility knife cut and to measure polystyrene crown molding for the perimeter of the area, if wanted. Attach the molding with silicone or mastic caulking. Use finishing nails to secure the crown molding.

Reinstall enthusiast and the over-head mild. Turn the power-back to the fixture.

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