Global Decor Warms a Spanish Revival Bungalow

Designer Alison Davin points into her client’s particular fashion when describing this warm bungalow in Marin County, California. “She just has this impeccable taste,” Davin states, “and her Peace Corps history formed a lot of our choices when it came to decoration.”

The customer asked Davin to make a home that felt warm and lived in rather of sleek and new. “Obviously, vintage items and other worldwide decor pieces with history won my customer over,” the designer says.

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Who lives here: A family of 3
Location: San Anselmo, California
Size: 1,000 square feet

Jute Interior Design

“This home was never likely to have a brand-spanking-new feel,” Davin states. “My customer actually wanted the house to have an awareness of history, right down to the accessories.”

Coffee table: classic, Dos Gallos; ceiling beams: reclaimed Douglas fir; sofa: Restoration Hardware; Paint: White Dove, Benjamin Moore

Jute Interior Design

Davin added reclaimed wood beams into the ceiling, a nod to the home’s Spanish resurrection roots. The beams warm the white canvas of this interior and visually extend the compact living room. A gallery of family photos fills one facet.

Tip: Master the medley of an eclectic gallery wall and adopt a nonlinear arrangement. Your home will feel significantly less styled and more lived in. Weave the frames using a frequent palette of neutrals to minimize a hodgepodge effect. Davin used black, birch and silver here.

Jute Interior Design

Tip: Throw a few curves into a corner full of straight lines and angles. A classic clock, barrel hoop and gourd-like vessel dampen the straight edges and traces of this mantel, fireplace structure and exposed beams.

Vase: Erin McGuiness; cable hoop: Arteriors

Jute Interior Design

Davin loves the light-filled kitchen, which showcases the client’s penchant for international decor. An Indonesian fishing web wraps round a rice-paper-lined teardrop Tucker Robbins light bulb, and African American serving bowls hang onto a nearby wall. The bench and dining table are manufactured from reclaimed pine.

Bench, dining table: custom, Peterson’s Antiques; bowls: Floreal; stools: Nicky Kehoe

Jute Interior Design

Tip: Pair mismatched dining table chairs with a seat (backdrop, legs showing) to make a balanced composition and boost seating choices.

Jute Interior Design

“We did very little to the kitchen,” Davin states. “It was more of a decorative upgrade from the previous owners.” The drawers got a lift out of new paint as well as new draws from Restoration Hardware. The yellow and taupe tiles include a high note of layout into the inside’s silent lotions, whites, browns and tans.

Countertop: Caffe Bruno, Walker Zanger

Jute Interior Design

The daughter’s playroom does not stray too far from the home’s neutral base — but the whimsical tepee, artwork screen, kid-size table and stools more than make up for the lack of splashy, lively color punches found in most kids’ rooms.

“The tepee belonged the customer. She actually liked this notion of having it in the house rather than outdoors. I think it functions in this playroom,” states Davin.

Tip: Feel free to choose grown-up and fashionable pieces for the kids’ rooms. Davin didn’t shy away from using custom Romo linen to your Roman colour. A subdued rug which may readily find a place in the living room ties all of the furniture together.

Pendant light: Floreal; shelving units: Roost (stopped); carpeting: Madeline Weinrib; Paint: Soft Chamois, Benjamin Moore

Jute Interior Design

The designer created an eclectic assortment of different-size shelving units from the wall.

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