Forms for Landlords

Using forms from the leasing of your property lets you collect tenant information while clearly conveying your policies, expectations and the tenant ’s responsibilities. Produce your types using free online stock landlord forms and resources and edit the terminology where necessary to ensure compliance with the landlord and tenant legislation in your municipality.

Rental Program

Your rental program should collect the full names, dates of birth and Social Security numbers of all occupants. Contain a statement that the adult applicants should sign and date giving permission for you to conduct criminal, credit, employment, landlord or private reference checks during the screening procedure. If you use a service to obtain a credit or criminal report, you may control the applicant, just note the amount on the application type and consistently charge the same amount for all applicants. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), created a federal law in 1968 known as the Fair Housing Act that makes it illegal to deny or hide accessibility to a rental property to a potential tenant according to his color, familial status (pregnant women and families with kids under 18), disability, national origin, race, religion or sex.

Residential Lease Agreement

According to the legal advice site Nolo, you are able to draft a handwritten document and lengthy legalese isn’t necessary. Just make certain you include the names and signatures of all adult tenants, a limit on the amount of occupants, duration and dates of the rental term, amount of fees and security deposit, the manner and timeline where you’ll return a security deposit, responsibilities of the tenant in terms of maintenance and repairs to the rental property and yard, and limitations on alterations to the property. Summarize how much advance notice before entering the leasing property for review or a fix you will give. Talk about penalties, limitations and your pet coverage. Explicitly banning illegal tenant activity may protect you from potential lawsuits or neighbor complaints, Nolo advises. Other optional items to address in the rental include parking, home-based business restrictions and policies concerning trash disposal and entry keys.

Home Inspection Form

Your rental record will include an amount paid for a security deposit. Complete a property review form with the renter at move-in and keep it in his file to refer to at move-out. Go through the property room-by-room at move-in; notice any damaged or dated finishes. Conduct a move-out walk-through inspection with the form to determine any items left in a state beyond everything ’s considered normal wear-and-tear. In case a landlord needs to retain a percentage or all of these currencies, a mutually agreed upon statement of property state protects the rights of both parties and offers clear proof at a home court path. Utilizing images offers the record for illustrating your notes with a fantastic accompaniment.

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