Cucumber Stem Rot

Cool-climate gardeners developing heat-loving cucumbers in a house greenhouse encounter the threat of a cucumber that is life-threatening stem rot disease, fusarium oxysporum. Attracted to moist conditions, this hardy virus that is air borne lingers for years making it hard for home gardeners to fight in rock wool blocks the soil and greenhouse frameworks. Proper greenhouse sanitation actions reduce the threat of home gardeners dropping their cucumber crop to stem rot.


Being a warm weather plant Fresno, cucumber seedlings that are youthful are susceptible to infection in the event the temperature falls below 68 degrees Fahrenheit or the soil doesn’t permit sufficient air circulation. The spores spread through re-circulation in the method, contact with crops that were infected or contaminated clothes, tools or fingers. The ones that produce huge load of fresh fruit or wounded crops are more vulnerable to infection.


The leaves display the first signs of wilting at day-time temperatures but recuperate in the night coolness. The wilting spreads to the whole plant Chico as roots, stems and the leaves become discolored over time. The tissues start to to look orange or yellow. In advanced levels, the stem becomes stringy and salmon-colored spore masses as well as a cottony growth seems. Shortly following the crops die and become brown. Hot climate hastens the improvement of the illness. Even though the stem is rotting, the roots preserve firmness.


Prevention is the only hope to prevent as no treatment exists a fusarium stem rot infection. If identified flush the irrigation method with water and industrial disinfectant. Disinfect pots, resources, gloves and all inside greenhouse buildings with household chlorine bleach. Use potting mediums and aerate the soil to make sure adequate air circulation. Work top quality natural compost to the soil to reduce the danger of infection. Disease – keep a close eye on the seedlings for indications of infection and resistant cucumber varieties. Transplant seedlings that are robust, discarding or stem infection combined with the ones in its quick vicinity. Keep the walk ways in the greenhouse free from s Oil and Shrub Removal particles. Avoid high-humidity in the greenhouse and enhance the the temperature to ranges an hour or maybe more before sun rise to avoid dew.


Learn stem rot infection. At the first indication of infection, place crops that are afflicted right into a plastic bag and eliminate instantly in the greenhouse. Avoid passing through non-infected are as if if possible. Burn them in a totally individual area where the air borne spores are probably to drift back to the greenhouse. If crops have been handled by you or even labored in the region together, depart instantly before continuing to perform on the crops, to bathe and alter garments. Sterilize resources, seed trays, shelves and all pots before re using. If in question, discard and use clear, components that are new to Stump Removal the crop.

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