Can You Water Your Tomato Plant Right When You Plant It?

Appropriate watering technique is among the most important components of growing tomatoes. Watering too much or too little can cause poor plant health and diminished yield. During planting, it is important to provide the plants plenty of water to allow them to establish roots in the new soil.

Planting Tomatoes from the Ground

When planting tomatoes directly into the ground, it is ideal to plant while the ground is moist but not soggy. This enables the initial watering to drain more easily through the ground. Directly after planting, water the area around the bottom of the plant until it begins to puddle on the surface, then enable the standing water to soak into the soil. Water once more, again, allowing to puddle marginally before draining through. This will ensure the plant has enough water while it sends its origins in the new soil.

Planting Tomatoes in Pots

Tomatoes grow well in containers and also you should care for them in a similar manner as when you plant them directly into the ground. After planting, soak the ground surrounding the plant thoroughly until the water begins to run out the bottom of the container. This means the water has drained all of the way through the ground.

Future Water Care

In general, tomato crops thrive when watered deeply and infrequently. Supply 1 to 2 inches of water per week, whether through rainfall or supplemental watering. Every time you water, soak the soil thoroughly to allow water to reach the roots deep in the ground. Potted tomato crops require more frequent watering than those in mattresses because the soil loses moisture faster.

Water-Related Issues

Incorrect watering is a most important cause of disease in tomato plants. Light, frequent watering will lead to poor root systems and poor plant health. Inconsistent water, whether to little or too much, could cause blossom-end rot, a disease which causes large dark spots on the seams of their tomatoes. Mulching the area around tomato crops can help maintain a more even level of dirt.

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