Board and Batten Shutters Offer Pretty Protection

Hand-crafted board and batten shutters may be the quintessential accessory for creating charming curb appeal for a traditional home. Their vertical planks are positioned side by side to make the desired shutter width; the planks may be tightly positioned next to one another to make a closed layout or spaced apart for a more open look. Horizontal battens hold the boards firmly in place.

Often located on barns, cottages, French state –style houses and Spanish-style homes, board and batten shutters were initially designed to protect windows during strong storms. Nowadays they are more often decorative than practical. Either way, board and batten shutters are a trustworthy exterior staple which can improve the appearance of a house and allow it to reflect human taste.


Functional custom made board and batten shutters with forehead shirts grace the arched windows of the North Carolina home.

Whitten Architects

Various shutter widths help to provide an original, customized look while also fitting the window for functionality and protection.

Tim Barber Ltd Architecture

Board and batten styles are timeless on Spanish-style homes.

RW Anderson Homes

Deep overhangs, square-tapered columns and decorative board and batten shutters add to the home’s Craftsman charm.

Ramsey Landscape Associates, Inc..

Constructed onsite, the wooden board and batten shutters with this house vary in layout depending on the windows they’re dressing.

Frederick + Frederick Architects

Crossbuck board and batten shutters, like these, include diagonal braces running in opposite directions, creating an”X” design.

Siemasko + Verbridge

Designed to resemble a 200-year-old cottage, this home conveys a feeling of background and evokes pictures of fairy tales. The board and batten shutters result in its own charm.

Whitten Architects

Board and batten shutters with decorative sailboat cutouts are a perfect choice for this waterfront Maine cottage.

Eric Watson Architect, P.A.

Massive shutters with eyebrow arches dress the windows of the Florida veranda. They are also functional, protecting the house during hurricane season once closed.

These handmade three-board dividers comprise Z-bar battens for added strength and durability.

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