A Relaxed Shade Swoops In

If you adore the look of a Roman shade but need something more delicate, then try out a Roman swoop. This is my preferred casual type of window treatment. Instead of a tailored straight border, it’s a soft swoop. It’s a relaxed Roman shade which could be used alone on a window or layered under drapes for a more striking effect. Installed on one window or a large bank of windows, functional or nonfunctional, it only looks great. Remember this is a soft shade and, unlike a balloon shade, it is not meant to make volume.

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Positioned at a bay window, fully functioning soft Roman shades give a study or family gathering room additional heat and prettiness together with all the gentle folds of the cloth.

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In case you’ve got a window you want to add height to, try out one swoop. You want the remedy to be as broad as the outside of your window, including any molding about it.

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Produce a soft sophisticated look by installing the Roman swoop behind drapes. Utilize a silky cloth; when pulled, it is going to add a little sparkle however not look too bulky.

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A few sole Roman swoops used side by side on a long window make a stunning look of multiple swoops and still allow each one to operate independently. I really like how they look past a kitchen sink.

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The mock (nonfunctional) Roman swoop is a great way to get the expression of a beautiful window treatment with no lots of cloth. If you still need privacy, just mount it to the outside of the window and then make use of a blind or shade on the interior.

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A multiple Roman swoop is relaxed and casual, perfect for a family room or kitchen. Try it in a good buckle complete or go for one which has some pattern.

A tall Roman swoop using a large, flat front can really show off a cloth with a massive pattern repeat. If you want to include a bold print at a room, this is a good alternative.

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Opt for mock Roman swoops at a sheer cloth to make a romantic sense, even at a kitchen.

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It’s possible to cover up as much or as little of the opinion outside as you want.

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