A Glass House Harmonizes With the Desert

This spectacular pavilion of glass and steel emerges out of a desert scene, when protecting its inhabitants out of the 29, making the most of light and its views. The house includes an approach of shades and overhangs which shield it, provides inviting spaces for outside living and employs panels of glass to let in the perspectives. Lake Flato enlisted The Building Zone to build this custom layout for a golfing- and also desert-loving couple from Texas. Sit back and take a tour.

in a Glance
Who lives here: A golf-loving couple
Desert Mountain, Arizona (near Scottsdale)
Size: Around 4,400 square feet; 3 bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths
Year built: 2009

The building zone, ltd..

This portion of Arizona, Desert Mountain, appreciates cooler temperatures, which equals considerably more time spent outside in all three seasons than in other areas of the country. The landscape contains a sequence of several outdoor chambers, designed for relaxing, swimming, eating pool and enjoying a fire on chilly nights.

The spaces relate to the house through visual and physical connections and substances. On this outdoor terrace, a steel stairs, exposed concrete and flagstones link back to the house via texture and color.

Logs for the fire pit have been stored beneath a sidewalk. On the right, there’s a a different and grill terrace with a dining area.

The building zone, ltd..

The architects oriented the windows so that the owners can take from the desert and the hills, whilst editing homes from view.

The building zone, ltd..

The home consists of four buildings: the main house, the garage, the guest suite and also the office. While the inside is protected by large overhangs from the desert sunshine, windows maximize natural lighting indoors. The pathways as well as the overhangs create connections between the buildings, making them a part of a complete.

The building zone, ltd..

The main house is a glass pavilion. On the left of it is a home office building; the breezeway seen in the border of this film connects to some guest pavilion.

“Sustainability is quite important to the two Lake Flato and Construction Zone,” says Byrnes. “A big portion of this is using local materials. We now sourced at least 90% of the materials used on this job locally.” For example, he sourced the mesquite to your flooring and the floating accent wall in the living area from nearby Tucson.

“Other renewable elements of this home include the tight envelope, high-efficiency systems, mild control systems, and overhangs that shade the home from direct sunlight and operate in concert with large windows which make the most of the pure lighting,” says Byrnes. Clerestory windows connect the exterior and the rooms and disperse natural lighting from room to room.

The building zone, ltd..

The home transforms into an open-air pavilion. Custom pivot doors have a minimalist aesthetic. When they are closed, the line between indoors and outside is difficult to see; if they are receptive, the line evaporates.

The open-air spirit continues throughout the inside. Walls float, with spaces left open above and beneath. This strategy adds ratio and branch to the spaces, whilst light and air circulate from 1 room to the next.

The building zone, ltd..

Glass and lofty ceilings allow views of the landscape from nearly everywhere within the home. All the furniture and the walls tip your attention to the perspective; this shot seems like a view.

The building zone, ltd..

In terms of the logistics of building such a home, hiring seasoned regional builders to execute a layout is typically a fantastic plan; they understand resources, the craftspeople and climate issues. “We utilized hot-rolled steel all over the job; in our arid climate, we do not have to use weathering Cor-Ten steel,” says Byrnes.

The building zone, ltd..

The steel around the pool and the structure makes it blend into its desert environment and connect it together; look at how it relates to the overhang in this photo.

If you look closely at the pool, you can observe a separate spa area on the right side, which is concealed beneath 1/2 inch or so of water. This way the dip pool and the spa appear as one simple rectangular element, which will be in keeping with the house’s minimalist aesthetic.

The building zone, ltd..

All the furnishings are in harmony with the house. While you may see an icon here and there, most of the bits have lines and colors which blend in and enhance, rather than compete with, the spectacular views.

“Much of the furniture inside was custom made by Lake Flato and built by Building Zone, like this nightstand/headboard/platform bed,” says Byrnes. “While a huge portion of our company is building our own designs, working in the function as builder with amazing architects such as these was a great experience.”

Spacious Living in the Arizona Desert

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