8 Ways to Lasso Lone Star State Style

Homes in Texas come in most design styles, but its classic appearance still embodies a romance with all the Old West. This varied appearance blends Native American, Spanish, Mexican, Anglo-American and European components using earthy finishes, timber, cherry, leather, iron — along with a rebellious streak. You don’t have to live in the Lone Star State to be inspired by the distinguishing features from these Texas interiors.

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1. A colour scheme. A down-to-earth, rustic colour palette defines that this Texan interior. Dusty reds, blues and whites (like on the Texas and American flags) complement hot wall colors.

Get this appearance: Light foundation colours work best in the hot Texas climate, so stick to lighter colors on your walls and use bolder colours for entertaining punches in cloth, art, accessories and furniture.

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2. Textiles and furnishings. Organic materials like wood, leather and iron emphasize the warmth and relaxation of these spaces. Traditionally, Texas craftspeople made furnishings by hand out of local pine, walnut and cedar. Furniture was upholstered in hides or in sturdy textiles with geometric patterns or Western scenes.

Get this appearance: If you are wanting to save a little money to acquire this Southwestern appearance, reupholster a footstool or side chair in cotton or burlap. Sloping up a thrifted wooden chair using sandpaper and dry brush a layer of paint on top for authentic and reclaimed style.

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3. Rodeo flair. During the late 1800s, rodeos became a favorite test of skill across the western United States. Lots of Texans still hold fast to this cowboy tradition, and it’s frequently represented in iconic art, accessories and textiles in the house.

Get this appearance: Look for rodeo silhouettes of a cowboy and bucking bronco in photographs, prints or paintings. Metalwork and antiques can pay tribute to the tradition, too — old spurs and boots can make a fantastic entryway accessory.

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4. Limestone. Native Texas limestone is your top stone quarried in the state, and it’s widely used for both interior and outdoor functions. Designers frequently use subtle stone colors like shell, cream, buff and gray in both traditional and modern settings.

Get this appearance: Consider using limestone for a stacked-stone fireplace or a wall, backsplash or flooring. Try accenting a little corner or terrace with limestone border tiles.


5. Tin roofing. Metal roofing’s reflective surface helps preserve a home’s temperature in the hot Texas weather. Galvanized roof systems have been frequently used in old Texas houses — they withstood the elements beautifully and frequently rusted over time, including personality.

Get this appearance: Reclaimed galvanized sheets can add a gorgeous patina to every part of your home. You’re able to salvage old panels or purchase new ones and use a rust kit from the hardware store to oxidize the metal.

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6. Reclaimed lumber. Reclaimed lumber and barn timber include history and warmth. Old-school Texan homes embraced this hot and weathered appearance, with old barn wood liner cabinets, walls and flooring.

Get this appearance: Fortunately for us, pieces made from reclaimed lumber are no more difficult to come by, as a wealth of designers and furniture manufacturers really like to use this substance.

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7. The Texas star. Featured about the state flag, this star is over conventional Texan houses. It’s a sign of Texas’ individual spirit and ethics, and houses often display it through the flag, as a sculpture or in carved details, tile work, signage and more.

Get this appearance: Branch out beyond framed flags and textiles, and use the Texas star as a theme on a wall, carpeting, tabletop or tile depth. I really like this homeowner brought the star outside in a rustic, patinated metal.

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8. Longhorns. The Texas longhorns are descended from the first cattle brought to America from Christopher Columbus. These cattle are frequently associated with the love of the Old West and are becoming an iconic element of Texas culture.

Get this appearance: These accents look great over fireplaces or as part of a gallery wall, and you can also find ceramic and papier-mâché designs. No luck finding something sculptural? Try out a longhorn pillow or stained motif instead.

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