The best way to Grow Eucomis

Eucomis, a genus indigenous to South Africa, includes 11 species of flowering crops better-known as pineapple lilies. The pineapple lily gets its title in the cluster of star shaped flowers & Lawn Service and spiky leaves that develop atop the stem. Lilies develop hardy to the Environment of Sunset Zone 4, however they like the the moderate winters of zones 1 4 through 17. When developed close to your porch or entry way lilies make a daring, colourful declaration.

Select a backyard website for the pineapple lily. Lilies favor -rich soil. They thrive in full sunlight, but might need some shade during hot summers.

Plant Fresno pineapple lily bulbs in the garden following the last frost day in late January. Plant bulbs 3″ apart and 6″ deep.

Before the soil feels moist water the pineapple lily bulbs. Keep the soil moist throughout the growing period, usually spring through fall, for the flowering show that is greatest.

Provide 1 1/2 ounce to 2 ounces of all purpose fertilizer in early spring before flowering starts. Lilies don’t require fertilizer throughout the growing period.

Remove any yellow or dead foliage as winter approaches in the pineapple lilies. Cut off wilted flower heads.

Cover the bulbs with a 4 inch layer of mulch if temperatures fall below freezing in your area, to protect them. Alternatively, raise the bulbs and store them. Keep the bulbs dry. Bulbs that are stored go dormant. Winter safety is needless if temperatures don’t dip below freezing in your area.

Remove the mulch and resume after the last frost day passes, watering as-usual.

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